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Writing prompt #030

It’s Friday, and you just swapped bodies with someone you hate.


The Good Ship Recruitment

This poem is in response to the prompt found here: http://ryanlanz.com/2015/01/28/writing-prompts-pirates/

Passing the bobbling barrel,
The Pirates head inside to see,
A man of which they’ve heard a lot, 90 more words


Be Creative - Photo Inspiration - January 30th

This is the last in the series of photo inspiration. Tomorrow, Saturday, will reveal the next colour challenge. If you would like prompts of some description (they won’t be photographic prompts) to continue during February please leave a comment below – or on tomorrow’s colour prompt. 19 more words


January 30th

Here are your words for today.


Tomorrow is the last in the series. If you would like to join us there will be a new theme during February. 19 more words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

First and foremost if it was anybody elses house I will say “We don’t need no water let that Mutha F’er burn!”  Hey now don’t get to upset but sometimes a fire can calm the raging within me, and when I’m upset I always want to put fire on someones chaps.  

376 more words

Planner Week 4/Tip 1

Last week I was able to get a lot done but it doesn’t really show in my planner.

See it just looks so empty!

I was able to remember everything I needed to get done, or I just did it as I thought of it, but for me this is a dangerous way to live I forget everything I’m sure there was something I missed I will figure it out soon enough.   183 more words


Accidental Artist

The vase caught her eye.  Sitting innocuously on the floor in a corner, it was caked with years of dust and grime.  It was impossible to tell if the vase had been painted previously, since it was so faded and old. 125 more words