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Prompt 014: Green

There was nothing like a hoard of crawlers to start of the early morning, by the sound of an arrow soaring through the tent.  583 more words

Daily Writing Prompt #379

A magic system suddenly comes out of nowhere that allows people to influence others through speech. This magic system spreads across the world and is eventually revealed to be nothing but social engineering.


The Journey

Part one: From The Matticus Kingdom who asked us to finish the following story

The night howled, sucked at the windows, and rattled fences.  Trees, arched with the onslaught, whipped and branches reached out for anything to unleash their frustration and torment on.  517 more words


The Middle Seat

The inspiration for this post came from the masterminds of The Daily Post.

The prompt states: It turns out that your neighbor on the plane/bus/train (or the person sitting at the next table at the coffee shop) is a very, very chatty tourist. 294 more words


An Interesting Man

With his teeth fully visible and head slowly tilting forward, Erik’s dark, fluffy hair goes from looking slightly controlled and pushed back to being poofy beyond expectation and bobs in front of his forehead as his body shakes from laughter. 358 more words


July 23rd

Sometimes we do something every day. It is so much part of ourselves that we hardly notice anything about it. Is that the case with reading? 59 more words


Nothing Awesome, but I Drew Stuff

Ta da.

I did a few more (and better) sketches than this in the past week, but several of them are for a bigger project that I will share with you more later. 113 more words