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Prompt Twelve

Thank you to everyone who liked my post on Wednesday. I have never had a post to get that much attention before! (:

I hope everyone enjoys the prompts that I post each week. 98 more words



This prompt haunted me when I saw the words, for that reason alone I knew I needed to write about it – I just didn’t know why.   475 more words

Life Lessons


In the spirit of the course, this blog offers yet another voyeuristic opportunity. Here, you’ll post your weekly blog entries, and in addition, you’ll be able to read, like, respond to, and comment on your classmates’ entries.

Writing Prompt: 08-22-2014

Origin“The Drawing of the Sword” by Jenny Dolfen. I don’t know the artist, so be careful if you decide to look up any of her other works. 114 more words

Writing Prompts

Flash Fiction Friday

This picture of seagulls panicking was the prompt for the Indies Unlimited weekly flash contest, along with the following text:

“On this peninsula, the weather can come from any direction. 378 more words

Flash Fiction

Writing Prompts pt. 44

  • You fall in love with the girl (or boy) from hell… literally!
  • Someone is digging up graves in an old cemetery. Grave robbers are suspected at first, but nothing of value is ever taken off of the corpses.
  • 61 more words

Net Neutrality: Is there a need for an open Internet?

On January 14th, 2014, Net Neutrality ceased to exist in the United States of America. There was a court battle for maintaining it since 2010. 414 more words