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Trip Down Memory Lane

A few days ago I found an old USB stick that I thought I’d lost when I moved house. At the time I was devastated because there were story drafts and ideas on it that were erased from my computer when it crashed. 701 more words

Prompt III

I’ve had complaints the last few were too hard. Pah. But I will cater. I’m only so far into my “keep off my grass” phase. 43 more words


Story Prompt

This image was take from Tumblr.com – A diary entry with just the words “he left” written on the page. Use this line to prompt a story; explore what this means to the person who wrote this, develop them as a character and work out what kind of character the person who left is/was. 30 more words

Creative Writing

Daily Writing Prompt #531

People fight in an arena in which they are immortal (that is, they resurrect after death so long as they’re within the arena boundaries) for honor and better equipment. 40 more words


Prompt #196

Using the given items, write a short story, scene, or a poem.

A pen, a handbag, a toy top, and a scallop shell

Creative Writing

Hello There! (+ Prompt #1)

Hello fellow aspiring authors, long-term writers, newbies and the like! I have started this blog in hopes that authors from the humongous community that is the internet will stumble upon it and benefit somehow from its content! 197 more words


love me harder

“Screw you and everything that you stand for,” she mumbled from underneath the white fabric, her voice slightly muffled.

“Nah, that’s your job,” the brunette remarked. 1,941 more words