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Mirror Image

I think I’ve figured something out this morning. I’ve been having a bit of a tough time getting my most recent prompts on “paper”. I have the ideas in my head, but they aren’t flowing through my fingers as easily as some others. 853 more words

Challenge Wednesday 16 April

The idea of these challenges is to use the given prompts to create a piece of flash fiction (100-200 words) or a poem (14-20 lines) 116 more words


Day Seven

Be it a simple caress,
A sweeping press,
Or at times a harsh slap.
Maybe an excited squeeze,
Or an angry sneeze,
Or tears from a sad chap.

57 more words


{6 minute story , written for the photo prompt given by Sixminutestory}

I forgot her face. How black were her eyes?

Was her nose long? 89 more words


Prompt #5

Write what ye darn well please!

Due date: Friday, April 18th


Daily Writing Prompt #281

Do a romantic relationship between the heroine and the evil overlord. However, instead of making it some tragic thing where they’re inevitably going to kill each other, make it actually work out despite their differences.


the farmer's daughter

Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold. But DeVera could still feel the subtle shift of the distant star drawing nearer, and with it, the warmth needed to bring her world back to life. 612 more words