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October Writing Prompts + Join Me!


Saw this on Facebook and thought, “Why not?”

I’ve never done a series of writing prompts before, so this is definitely a new (and exciting) experience for me! 36 more words

Weekly Prompt: Earshot

Each week we’ll post a “pitch,” a writing prompt designed to grant maximum freedom for those who respond. Send what your write to creativewriting@ship.edu, with the subject line “Weekly Writing: Earshot,” and we’ll compile it into a sample of campus writing to publish around the end of each month.  146 more words

Creative Writing

Writing Prompts pt. 49

  • Write a short story centered around one of the astrological signs.
  • Write about a character who is trying to bring order to a lawless planet.
  • 41 more words

Writing Prompt

Prompt #4

Write about a character who stumbled upon a grave with their name on it. Who is this character? Why is there a grave with their name on it? 13 more words


Blogging 101: Prompts - Leveraging My Productivity!

Photo – Alan Cleaver Flikr via Creative Commons

Prompts….never considered the word or the meaning before today’s challenge but once again, it has made me think differently about how to write. 439 more words


The Daily Prompt

Prompt #113

Take a common story stereotype (the haunted house, the hitchhiker, cemeteries at midnight, etc) and write a story where it’s not the typical cliché.

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