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Writing Prompt #7: Change

Change is a wonderful, terrifying thing. What do you want to change? What’s stopping you? What will happen once you do?

Go read. Go write. Go create.

Kat J. Erismann

Daily Writing Prompt #468

Magic users can swallow different types of pills for different effects and abilities. However, the same dangers apply as with real-life pills: side-effects, allergies, and overdoes are all real problems. 14 more words


Back to The Childhood

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

885 more words

Busy Day Off

While today has been weirdly productive for myself and my Ma I decided that wasn’t going to translate into my writing as much. I’ve been meaning to play with doing a poem all month but I couldn’t decide if I want to do a form or a free form and today I just thought trying a Haiku would be fitting and fun. 86 more words

Weekend Flash Round-Up: "Carving Out a Space" and "Third Time"

In terms of Scooby Snacks to my ego, this has been a fabulous contest week.

First of all, over at Angry Hourglass’s Flash Frenzy, I managed to get another FlashMaster badge for “Carving Out a Space”, an SF piece based on a pic prompt of pumpkins. 587 more words

Writing Prompts

The scream pierced through the air... FF#36

Welcome to week 36 of the Featured Fiction Writing Contests, part of the Writing Room 101 Prompt Series.

The Featured story from last week, which can be found in the Readers section, is by Cassie Newell. 328 more words


Prompts 10/24

Choose one essay topic and write about 500 words. As usual, you are welcome to write in a conversational style, but make sure the sentences and paragraphs are a help, not a hindrance, to the reader’s understanding. 212 more words