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Music Events: The Proms

Unfortunately, it is often believed that classical music is only for old people or highbrowed posh people. The truth is, classical music is for everyone; young and old, rich and poor, black or white, and there is no better place to soak up the wonder of a full orchestra than at The Proms. 97 more words


Indefinitely growing up

Burning the “Boyfriend Box.”

Finding handwritten notes shaped like a triangle or artfully folded into a square and throwing them away without even reading them. 394 more words

Living And Learning

Selecting the appropriate PROM for your diabetes clinical trial

Click the image to download a free copy of the DHP User Guide Summary

With the recognition of the importance of understanding the psychological impact on living with diabetes, there is now a range of diabetes specific patient re- ported outcome measures (PROMs) designed to assess the various constructs associated with the impact of living with diabetes and its treatment on quality of life, well-being, health status and treatment satisfaction. 657 more words

Patient Reported Outcomes

Listening to Strauss’s Alpine Symphony on this hot summer evening

Listening to Strauss’s Alpine Symphony on this hot summer evening. This is an enjoyable time. All day long I can find some pub and watch the Ashes Test match at Lord’s, or the latest stage of the Tour de France. 40 more words

Good times at the opera in 2014

2014 turned out to be a fun, busy year. I hit most eras, from Monteverdi to Adams, lieder and Masterclasses, the Proms, two festivals and a good number of local venues, many of them for the first time. 545 more words

Royal Opera House

PROM-ises, PROM-ises


The senior prom was approaching and I had no intention of attending. But two classmates, Jack and Kevin, approached me and said I just had to be at their table because we’d been classmates since seventh grade. 771 more words

Joseph Tintle

New online course: Measuring and Valuing Health

Want to learn more about measuring and valuing health?

Over 3 weeks, Dr Katherine Stevens investigates how we can measure and value health focusing on Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs), asking how they’re developed and calculated, and how they’re used by decision makers in practice. 104 more words