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ん and the disappearing Japanese Y(en)

Although this is a textual blog, I can’t help but talk about Japanese pronunciation now and then because it’s such an important element to being fluent. 697 more words


Foreign Food Phonetics

Words are hard.  Especially when they’re foreign.  And when your stomach is growling at you like an angry jaguar ready to spring, proper pronunciation isn’t always the first thing on your mind. 271 more words

Minggu Baru di Pare

Sudah hampir seminggu aku mengikuti kegiatan belajar-mengajar di The Daffodils dan Peace. Kedua tempat tersebut populer bagi para pelajar yang haus ilmu Speaking English di Pare. 354 more words

My Life

‘The idea that intelligence is linked to English pronunciation is a legacy from colonial thinking.’

-Delalorm Semabia, 25, a Ghanaian blogger.

Pronouncing Korean Vowels and Consonants

So, I’ve been posting a lot of Korean words but it never occurred to me that it would probably be more helpful if there was some type of aid to help you guys pronounce these words properly. 49 more words


Repeat After Me

You know sometimes, well no most times as I write my replies to comments or even post a new post I often wonder just how many people can actually pronounce my name. 282 more words