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SO... is it Day-tah, or Dah-tah

You sure can tell the geeks from the uninformed masses. Geeks pronounce the word DATA, DAY-TAH. I believe there is a singular reason for this… Data said so. 116 more words


Will The Real Arthur Please Stand Up?

My eldest needs some elocution lessons.  Not that I am especially well spoken nor do we live in a mansion with staff and therefore require particularly enunciated speech.  559 more words

Why We Get Names Wrong

When I was born, my Malaysian parents named me Mabel (may-berl). They also gave me a Chinese name, Li Teng (lee ting, 丽 婷 738 more words


Pronunciation tales

The idea for today’s post comes from a rhyme that English teachers usually tell pupils to explain why in some words, when there are two vowels together, often ( 491 more words

British Pronunciation

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A small roundish fruit found across the English speaking world. When eaten, the tongue swells meaning that words become difficult to pronounce properly.

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Is your degree worthless?

There are doubtless countless times in a person’s life when said person will realise their degree is useless.

For me, the latest question of self-worth posed itself at London zoo, when trying to pronounce the word “penguin”. 628 more words