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Fruit Basket

This is an interesting little case of a translation SNAFU of sorts. In Japan, this title is written asフルツバスケットfurutsubasuketto Which is refferring to a game that Japanese children play of the same name.  115 more words



Roomaji isn’t necessarily an official alphabet, but it is used to write Japanese and comes with its own set of rules and regulations.

As a help to my readers, I’ll do a brief explanation. 283 more words



This basic concept is one that may also be understood simply as “the Japanese accent” or the usage of loanwords.

The interesting thing to me is the fact that English is not the only European language that the Japanese have borrowed from, although it is by far the most common, there are other examples. 477 more words


A quick guide to Pronunciation

In case you didn’t read the hand out, that’s fine. I’m here to make it easier for you.

There are no diphthongs in Japanese, and no varying pronunciation of vowels like in English. 125 more words


SO... is it Day-tah, or Dah-tah

You sure can tell the geeks from the uninformed masses. Geeks pronounce the word DATA, DAY-TAH. I believe there is a singular reason for this… Data said so. 116 more words


Will The Real Arthur Please Stand Up?

My eldest needs some elocution lessons.  Not that I am especially well spoken nor do we live in a mansion with staff and therefore require particularly enunciated speech.  559 more words

Why We Get Names Wrong

When I was born, my Malaysian parents named me Mabel (may-berl). They also gave me a Chinese name, Li Teng (lee ting, 丽 婷 738 more words