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My struggles

If I were to write a blog post about all the challenges I face with the Somali language, I’d write a book instead of a blog post. 331 more words


Can You Pronounce Pecan?

18:53 Travish Hello. My name is Travish. I will need to know how to pronounce the word PECAN. I really NEED this information before I get home tonight! 191 more words


CHIZ-ick.  It is pronounced CHIZ-ick.

FFS you philistines.

ChizWICK my arse.



Just a short post (#5) for the 25th day of summer. 

One word. Segue. SEGUE. SEGUE? In what god-fearing alternate universe are people (aliens) birthed with the allele containing the ability to pronounce that fucking word?!!!!?111… 56 more words


Pronouncing "Stendhal"

Some of the visitors of Stendhal have a little trouble pronouncing the name, so here’s a video explaining how to say it!

How do you say “Stendhal?”