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Just a short post (#5) for the 25th day of summer. 

One word. Segue. SEGUE. SEGUE? In what god-fearing alternate universe are people (aliens) birthed with the allele containing the ability to pronounce that fucking word?!!!!?111… 56 more words


Pronouncing "Stendhal"

Some of the visitors of Stendhal have a little trouble pronouncing the name, so here’s a video explaining how to say it!

How do you say “Stendhal?”


Late Night Studying: Pronounciation, Hiragana, etc.

  • “Kana” = essentially, one of the “letters”
  • “Pattern” – learn five kana really well (pronounciation wise), you can pronounce almost everything else fairly well
  • あ → a (“ah”)
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The Benefit of Language Nerd Friends Pt. 1

I find that a good way to reinforce my knowledge of Japanese is to hang around other people learning languages, whatever those languages are. I spent the week with my best friend Molly in Sacramento. 751 more words

Learning Japanese

How to Correctly Pronounce the Names of Your Favourite Authors

I found this on stumbleupon and realised how many blunders I made in pronouncing some of the above names; Borghes, Kazuo Ishiguro,Coetzee,Aynn Rand,etc! :o



Howjsay is a free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation


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