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Pronouncing Korean Vowels and Consonants

So, I’ve been posting a lot of Korean words but it never occurred to me that it would probably be more helpful if there was some type of aid to help you guys pronounce these words properly. 49 more words


Repeat After Me

You know sometimes, well no most times as I write my replies to comments or even post a new post I often wonder just how many people can actually pronounce my name. 282 more words


Oh no, not again: "Suite" versus "Suit"

Read the short text below; you might learn something and avoid being embarrassed or embarrass others for the rest of your life with this mistake. 125 more words


Do Your English Learners Struggle With the Pronunciation of Vowels?

Try this resource shared by one of my graduate students:

Here is the Lexia program website.  It is a great program for ELL students to work on their sounds, especially vowels:



You're in Boston baby, good luck to ya

There is not enough time to get you up to speed to understand all of the nuances of Boston. So I will just concentrate on the verbiage you will hear on the street as you are lost wondering the streets because the signage completely sucks. 954 more words

Daily Post Question

Is Baltimore's Accent Ugly?

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Looks like Baltimore and Boston are facing off again and it isn’t sports-related.

It is, however, more about accents.

Gawker published a cheeky… 94 more words


Back to school: learning Vietnamese

Xin chào! Despite many people staying in this country for years and not learning the language, I decided to start to learn Vietnamese. I need some challenges for my brain, and I think it also helps me understand the culture a bit better if I can communicate with locals. 589 more words