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Can you reduce your operations budget by $2 million or more?

I’ve written earlier about silos of computing and the value of hybrid computing. Typically, any business with 250 server instances or more should be able to save or actually avoid $1,000,000 in IT expenses. 615 more words


The Art of Exploitation

I will cover the steps to hacking in this article. Most of the computers can be hacked by using automated tools. The newbie who uses such tools without an understanding will be doing so at great risk and is known as script kiddie in the hacker community. 548 more words

Art Of Exploitation

Hacking legally for fun, bragging rights and profit

Can you legally hack to make money? Not really, depends on the means you use. You can use a kitchen knife to chop vegetables or kill someone. 167 more words

IT Security

The Flash Back Series- Approaching Investors

I was now able to start approaching investors with the certificate of incorporation in hand. A registered company made me look more serious and legitimate  than approaching them as an individual. 331 more words

Flashback Series

Genetically-engineered E. coli poops out propane

Propane is an appealing fuel, easily stored and already used worldwide, but it’s extracted from the finite supply of fossil fuels – or is it? Researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Turku have engineered E.

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What goes on in my head (sometimes)

Back in Warsaw once more after a weekend in London, I love London as a city, there is so much to offer, so much history, such a variety of people, such a lack of technology at the hotel I stayed at, and this was not some out of the way hotel but a rather upmarket hotel catering for business. 950 more words

Technology Easy Sell

Technology is not like buying a time share, thank G-d. 

We examine the costs and the benefits, and it either works and provides us a tangible competitive benefit or it doesn’t. 55 more words