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Proof of concept best practice #4: Always set – and achieve – a schedule

In this next edition of my ongoing series on proof-of-concept (POC) best practices, I describe how important it is to create and then stick to a schedule for completing the POC. 330 more words


¿Quieres probar si tus ideas funcionan? !Es cuestión de actitud!

Una prueba de concepto es un estudio cualitativo que sirve para determinar la efectividad de las ideas creativas propuestas para una campaña publicitaria, un logotipo u otro producto de comunicación. 544 more words


Fuel from the sea proof of concept -- Naval Research Lab

Fueled by a liquid hydrocarbon—a component of NRL’s novel gas-to-liquid process that uses CO2 and H2 as feedstock—the research team demonstrated sustained flight of a radio-controlled P-51 replica of the legendary Red Tail Squadron, powered by an off-the-shelf and unmodified two-stroke internal combustion engine.

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Proof of Concept

Often times, large programs begin from smaller programs or proof of concepts.

Each proof of concept has a simple goal like: “Send HTML to a TextView” and can be expressed in a few lines of code. 153 more words


Arduino and Risk Mitigation, Oh My!

If you’re a hobbyist or just like to tinker, you have probably used an Arduino kit, a Raspberry Pi, or a Propeller development board. You might even use them to educate your self or keep your skills sharp for small, microcontroller based embedded systems. 785 more words


The secret of cooking and graphic design

Bruno Munari, the late genius of Italian design, let us, among other things , the idea that design is as simple as cooking. Both activities can achieve spectacular results, if a method or logical order is followed in the process. 693 more words


Exaudimus: Proof of Concept

Responding to the interest in the Exaudimus system following our article Embodied Tuning: Interfacing Danish Radio Heritage (Mortensen & Vestergaard, Journal of Interactive Humanities, vol. 1, Issue 1, 2013) I have decided to post our proof of concept video even though the quality is terrible due to my pocket camera haveing difficulty with the dimly lit gallery space. 99 more words

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