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Why You Shouldn't Use Microsoft Word

We’ve all used Microsoft Word. We’re all guilty. Word can be a wonderful tool for simple outlines and essays, but for things like résumés, advertisements, invitations, etc. 346 more words


Critiquing: Electronic or Paper?

My writing has been enriched by my friends in writing groups.  I’m in three groups, and I think I see a trend toward electronic critiquing.  Two of the groups use MeetUp, which allows us to post files in advance of a face-to-face meeting.  140 more words


How not to write a speech

Disclaimer: In this post, I use a real speech as an example of how to write a better speech. If you were at the wedding and heard the speech I’m referring to, you know that it was a beautiful wedding, for a beautiful couple, and that I intend no personal offense to the speech writer or anyone else involved. 1,431 more words


Design Good Things Without a Designer

You don’t want to hire a designer, you can do it all your self. So what can you do to keep your posters, business cards, and other materials from looking cheap.  1,045 more words


What exactly do they mean when they say “show, don’t tell”?

As a copy editor who does a lot of developmental editing with indie authors, Show Don’t Tell is one of the things that I find myself mentioning a lot. 692 more words


4 Useful Tips for Editing and Proofreading

Do you know the difference between editing and proofreading? The term edit and proofread often are used interchangeably, however both are phases in the revision process of writing. 378 more words