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Grammar Grip~ Bonhomie

An excerpt from the Proofread Now team…


bonhomie Pronunciation: ‘bah-nah-MEE
Function: noun
Etymology: French bonhomie, from bonhomme good-natured man, from bon good + homme man… 27 more words

Academic Literacy

What is it really like to be a proofreader?



What is it really like to be a proofreader?

Less than 24 hours after I published my first post for The Grammar School, I chuckled to myself as I was quickly called to task on Facebook in relation to the fact that I had begun the post with, ‘So as a freelance proofreader…’ 1,869 more words


You Know You Are...


Translators are unique creatures. If you suspect you belong to this very peculiar group of people, you can now cast the doubts out of your mind if you totally agree with all the following statements: 287 more words


Calling all writers, calling all proofreaders!

A fond hello to all you brilliant aspiring writers out there.

Who would like to help me on a manuscript? That whole I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine setup…

I, an experienced professional copyeditor, will help scour  107 more words


When do I use apostrophes?!

So as a freelance proofreader and editor, I am often called upon to sort out grammar, spelling and punctuation. It could be for a novel, a Ph.D thesis or for company reports and other corporate literature. 265 more words


#WhatsYourSuperPower....... Proofreading, it is NOT!

The latest instagram Hashtag #WhatsYourSuperPower,  really has nothing to do with the content of this post. The hashtag did get me thinking about the Superpower that I sorely lack – Proofreading…… 688 more words


The Difference Between Concrete and Abstract Nouns

Nouns can be divided into two primary categories: concrete and abstract. Learning how to properly use concrete and abstract nouns is crucial in the development of your written English skills, as their proper usage results in clearer writing that adequately conveys your message to your intended audience – mastering abstract nouns here is the main issue that some people have. 146 more words

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