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10 Tips to Proofread Your Novel Like a Pro

By DeAnna Cameron //

When it comes to editing a story, novel or some other written work-in-progress, it’s always best to put the job in the hands of a trusted and qualified editor. 803 more words


First Job Awarded!!

Congratulations to me – I have officially been paid for freelance work!

So there’s good news, and there’s bad news.

I have absolutely no clue what a freelance proposal should look like.  506 more words

Peer Review Paper 1 - IT 228 w/ Lisa Buscani

I wanted to post more about my philosophical journey before I got to this, but I am mainly doing this so I can get feedback from Reddit. 1,301 more words


Is It Free? Or Just A Good Fit For Me?

I can’t get a proofreading job, and apparently, those who can, can’t proofread.

Analog This

Why Rolling Stone's Editorial Blunder is Actually A Great PR Opportunity

Our worst nightmare as PR pros, spokespeople, or brand ambassadors is when great press opportunities are ruined by careless errors. Whether it’s a misquote on a press release, or an inappropriate tweet, we naturally get uncomfortable when plans go awry causing us to miss the chance at making a good impression. 323 more words

Online Media

Why You Need an Editor (And How to Save Money Finding One)

After writing a book, the next big step is to edit it. Editing is incredibly important because it helps to make a book the best it can be, by keeping the story flow, making sure all the events are consistent, developing the characters, and even correcting grammatical and spelling errors, among many other things.


Please, Proofread Your Resume. Please!!!

By: Elias Cobb, Quantix Recruiting Manager

As an IT recruiter working in the staffing industry for the last 14 years, I have seen literally thousands upon thousands of resumes.  255 more words