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30. Am I the Only One Who Proofreads Around Here?

There had to be a typo on this map. It’s huge. It’s detailed. Nobody is perfect. And the moment I spotted Pennsylvanie, I felt a little closer to being whole.

Writing 2015

What is writing like?

Roger Cohen wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times about Israel a couple of weeks ago.  He began by quoting a novelist.  The quote is perhaps the best commentary I’ve seen on the process of writing.  117 more words


Determine Your Writing Goals

Schedule your writing. Do I mean select a specific time of day to write? Yes and no. Yes, but only in the case that you can write that way, but no, in case you prefer more flexibility regarding your writing. 1,049 more words

Grammatical errors I found in professional writings

As you can see in the above picture in the subtitles area ,the word “defendant” is misspelled.

In the above picture as one can see the word “neighbor” is misspelled. 49 more words


Make a trade

I know this is a shot in the dark, taking a chance, probably won’t come to anything but…

Are there any fledgling, aspiring would-be authors out there reading this that might be interested in trading beta or proofing work on stories and manuscripts? 33 more words

Writing Log