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  • You can allow your in-house staff to focus on other priorities.
  • You can save the cost of hiring a part -or full-time staff member by employing an experienced, on-call, freelance writer who can work on tight deadlines.
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Shelfari - hosted by Amazon.com - And All That Other Social Media

I was kind of surprised that I stumbled upon this new book recommending site while reading someone else’s blog, seeing as how I have been using Amazon a few times a week to update book reviews. 257 more words


What is it really like to be a proofreader?



What is it really like to be a proofreader?

Less than 24 hours after I published my first post for The Grammar School, I chuckled to myself as I was quickly called to task on Facebook in relation to the fact that I had begun the post with, ‘So as a freelance proofreader…’ 1,869 more words


When do I use apostrophes?!

So as a freelance proofreader and editor, I am often called upon to sort out grammar, spelling and punctuation. It could be for a novel, a Ph.D thesis or for company reports and other corporate literature. 265 more words


Invest in your Writing - Part Two: Let's get Critical

Critical Eyes are a Critical Investment

Welcome to part two of this three part series of posts on investing time, money and effort in your writing. 1,244 more words


10 ways to make sure your writing isn't utter rubbish

We all have our off days and sometimes our writing is just awful. You might be tired, easily distracted, bored, or unenthusiastic, and as a result you cannot seem to get it right.  231 more words


People in Publishing - Part One

At a time when self-publishing has made releasing a book very, very real for many authors, it has also made it incredibly easy. This, of course, is a blessing for those who for years have tried the traditional route, only to find the doors to the industry firmly closed with a big ‘No Thank You’ sign plastered across. 599 more words