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Top tips for killer content

Whenever you spend time writing something – whether it’s a blog post, a newsletter or even a tweet – it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to get a message across, an opportunity to reach out to a dormant client or an opportunity to connect with someone new. 232 more words

Is that your question?

If the question in this headline on Yahoo! Movies is “Secretary?” then this punctuation is correct:

But, of course, the whole sentence is the question, so the question mark belongs after the closing quotation mark.


You Should 'of' Been More Careful - The Misapplication of Of

As a self-described grammar maven, I have numerous pet peeves and bugbears.

There is one that I like to forget about. I like to pretend it never happens. 153 more words


Super simple

It’s so easy to verify the name of the year’s biggest football game. But if you don’t care about football or your credibility, why would you bother? 30 more words


Apostrophe's! We love apostrophe's!

What in the name of all that is salty gave the yahoo.com writers the idea that there was an apostrophe in Doritos? Maybe next time they’ll look at the picture of the package (which they posted, for Pete’s sake) and notice the lack of the character:


Good grief! Is that Roger Goodell?

Good grief! Why isn’t this Roger Goodell on yahoo.com?

Apparently the writer doesn’t believe in doing a little Googlin’ to verify Mr. Goodell’s name.


what makes for a good work environment?

I didn’t get through to the third phase of my job application.

The first was an interview; the second, a proofreading task of eight documents (though one I was unable to open as the relevant program wasn’t¬†installed on the workstation). ¬† 761 more words

Blinking Time