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Editing - Argh!

Do you remember those innocent days when you thought the hard part was going to be writing the book? Then you discovered that when the writing was finished, the book really wasn’t, because you still needed to do… 909 more words

Rosaries of my ovaries

OK, so it’s not really my ovaries. And the message isn’t “get your rosaries of my ovaries,” even though that’s what you’ll read on Yahoo! Style: 45 more words


Bad word choice: Yahoo edition

Here’s a bad word choice, courtesy of Yahoo! Style:

It’s possible (but highly unlikely) that the writer meant addition and not editionĀ  (although it doesn’t make a lot of sense). 23 more words


That certainly is a new initiative

The White House has announced a new health care initiative. It’s so new, in fact, that only the crackerjack reporters at Yahoo! News have the scoop: 38 more words


How long is a neck's nap?

Ever had your foot fall asleep? Well, most of us have. But did you know that your neck can sleep, too? It’s called the nap of the neck and it’s documented here on Yahoo! 15 more words


The most disgusting piece of "journalism" you will read today

Here’s the worst piece of “journalism” you’ll read today and it’s from the brilliant mind of a writer for Yahoo! Style:

This pathetic excuse for a writer has accused the victim, a Canadian soldier, of perpetrating the crime. Disgraceful.


Getting your nails done, one at a time

Men who want to get their nails done individually, and not in a lump, should head on over to the salons mentioned on Yahoo! Style: 26 more words