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Clash of styles

What do you do when you come up against a clash of styles? I’m not talking about wearing Birkenstocks with a prom gown, I’m talking about writing and trying to follow conflicting editorial guidelines. 140 more words


Mistake so basic leaves me astounded

Making pizza dough requires water, salt, yeast, and flower. Flower? Yup, that’s what it says on Yahoo! News:

I’m thinkin’ maybe dahlias would work in the dough. 43 more words


What writers need to know from Elmore Leonard

How should writers end a characters line of dialogue?

Writing ‘he said,’ or ‘she said,’ all the time is boring right? If a character asks a question, one can write’ he asked.’ … 236 more words


the The

Not all languages have a definite article—Latin and Turkish do not, for example. In English, the definite article is the word the. Since the may be part of a proper noun, a proofreader needs to be vigilant. 138 more words


Benefits of Hiring Proofreading Services

Writing is a job that requires lot of attention and presence of mind. You need to be highly cautious while writing. There are number of things that you have to take care of when writing a document, like grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone, word count etc. 308 more words


And then I stopped reading

Some things just stop me in my tracks when I’m reading. One of those things is a blatant, obvious error of fact that even I can identify. 37 more words