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Don't let accuracy stand in your way

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry to post the latest news story, you have to be willing to make some compromises. That’s what I think they do at the Yahoo! 36 more words


When one spelling is not enough

Why limit yourself to one spelling of a word? Just do what the writers on yahoo.com do, and spell Yezidi with an E here:

Then try a second spelling, just to see if your readers are paying attention.


No, I'd figure it would happen to a person

If chaotic events happened to anyone, then they would happen to a human being, since anyone means “any person.” A city or a baseball team is not an “anyone,” despite what you read on the Yahoo! front page:


High quality document editing services

In every field whether it is academic or business, you are judged by your grammar skills. In business, content of an e-mail, reports or papers which has been sent, represents you or your business. 209 more words

Proofreading And Editing Services

I'm a writer, not a mathematician!

Is there any way to keep Yahoo!’s writers from writing about anything that includes a number? They can’t add, can’t count simple objects, can’t tell which of two numbers is larger, and don’t get me started on their inability to subtract one number from another. 79 more words


Fifteen Common Spelling Mistakes

Now we all know that people often get their and there mixed up, forget where an apostrophe should go with its/it’s and many confuse of… 389 more words

Review of Company Brochure

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