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It can accommodate one more

It’s surprising (at least to me) to see this word misspelled on Yahoo! Movies:

It’s on everyone’s list of the most commonly misspelled words, so I thought a professional writer — especially one who doesn’t deign to use a spell-checker — would be familiar with that list and would take extra care when pounding out one of those words. 17 more words


At HKNETS, we don’t know what a Price Increaseis !

Everything is getting more and more costly every day and everywhere. Prices of every commodity and service – be it food items, fuel, watches, gadgets, houses, dry cleaning, beauty salon services, mobile call charges, travel and so on. 184 more words

Business Service

Littler little-known

Little-known just got littler on Yahoo! Sports:


Welcome to my site!

Thank you for visiting my site! I am very much looking forward to meeting your educational needs. I provide highly professional, yet personal service. Please feel free to get to know me by reading the “About Me” page. 67 more words


Reading Aloud

Do you read “out loud”?

When proofreading, I read aloud. Reading aloud could help you find errors, hear how well a sentence can flow together, listen for pauses, and grammar issues. 38 more words

A whopping misspelling

That’s a whopper of a misspelling on Yahoo! Shine:

The disease is whooping cough.


oDesk and the art of freelancing

On the eve of my impending student loan payments, I frantically began brainstorming ways that I could be making more money. My 40 hour/week social service job (which I  335 more words