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It's Opposites Weekend at Yahoo!

What the heck is going on at yahoo.com? Are we the victims of some prank, a case of Opposites Weekend? Yesterday I noticed that yahoo.com lied about Daniel Radcliffe… 105 more words


Dmitri Young still the third heaviest

There’s just a minor problem on the Yahoo! front page:

The obvious gaffe involves some missing capital letters: Major League Baseball is a trademark of Major League Baseball, Properties, Inc. 25 more words


Can You Cut It?

It seems to go without saying when speaking to a graduate student…

who has had to work through many difficult issues to reach the goal of graduation, however, it bears repeating in the context of what I’d like to discuss today… 661 more words

Business English

Finding your target audience for freelancers

Step one in your freelancing life, as i have been discovering this week is to determine who your target audience is. By this i mean the people you will be aiming your marketing efforts towards to encourage and persuade them to purchase your services above your competitors. 363 more words


8-year-old becomes youngest man alive

How did an 8-year-old become the youngest man alive? By appearing in a headline on Yahoo! Shine:

That don’t look right. Somebody made a boo-boo: Either the 8-year-old was a boy or there’s a digit missing in the man’s age.


How one little word can make you look dumb

OK, how would you know if Daniel Radcliffe was the only star “to go incognito”? If someone is incognito, how can you tell they are a celebrity or not? 53 more words


Thank heavens the children are safe

This could have been so much worse if children were involved:

From: Yahoo! News