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Exposed - U.S. Diplomat Behind Artillery Satellite Images was Involved in the Toppling of Yanukovich

28.Jul.2014 | SCG  

It turns out that the man the U.S. State Department chose to handle the the latest phase of Russia demonization played an integral role in the toppling of the Ukrainian government.

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I Wish Global Warming Alarmism Was Threatened With Extinction Instead

By Andrew Bolt ~

Does anyone seriously believe this kind of alarmism any more?

EARTH’S sixth great extinction event has already begun. Now science is calling for urgent action to prevent life as we know it going the way of the dinosaurs…

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Public Opinion

15-7= Private Profit Taken from Public Education Taxes

15-7=8 cannot be copyrighted for profit.

This example can be copyrighted for private profit from public education taxes.

The content can be copyrighted, the instructional materials (text books, worksheets, computer and online programs, supplemental staples in all versions, etc) can all be copyrighted as CCSS compliant for all state brands (Pearson and others) of mandated high stakes testing. 281 more words

Propaganda Cartoons

My brother was playing Fallout: New Vegas yesterday and it reminded me of how much I like  the aesthetic of propaganda from the Cold War and learning about the period. 247 more words



or should ‘laws’ more accurately be described as


(or conclusions, or consensuses (consensi?) or worse)?


“admissions of arrogant ignorance” would be closer to the mark. 420 more words