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Propaganda und Heimatkult

Kürzlich erhielt ich die neue Katalogausgabe von Janzen, dem Versand für russische Bücher in Deutschland. Der Katalog ist seit jeher voller Mist (von Bademäntel über Heiligenbildchen bis hin zu Medikamenten – ja, es ist ein Katalog für Bücher und DVDs…), aber manchmal kann man für 99 Cent einen Klassiker abstauben oder auch einmal ein gutes zeitgenössisches Buch erwischen.  535 more words


The Next Question...

Journalism used to include “the next question. When a news reporter/caster/interviewer asked something like, “What do you think will happen now that the Federal Appeals court has ruled that the federal government cannot provide subsidies for low income Americans through a federal exchange?” (Of course you wouldn’t really hear this question either. 485 more words

Affordable Care Act

Presa! Fuck presa!

Demonstratii de solidaritate cu Palestina in toata lumea, evident ca nu o sa apara in presa aprobata de evrei, adica tot ce cititi sau vedeti de obicei. 376 more words


War in the Middle East brings out the worst of U.S. media

America has spent the last seven or so decades shaping the rest of the world in the neoliberal pro-market, anti-people mold. An important component of that global plan is the Middle East, where Israel provides a foothold for Western interests in a region where the West is traditionally unwelcome. 834 more words

Only Hope For Italy is Bankruptcy

Only Hope For Italy is Bankruptcy

(from globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com)

“Professor of Economics at the University of Turin and director of the Center of Economic Research in the Piedmontese town, offers a groundbreaking proposal: ‘Do not pay the debt.’ … In Italy, the public sector is not intended as an aid to the production of wealth and public goods and services. 373 more words


Pokeganada 74

It’s Geodude! Yes, it’s been a while since the last one. I went on vacation, the one I was working on (and will have to restart at some point) was a really badass Venusaur Poster, but the amount of layers crashed my computer and I haven’t returned to it since, and general life stuff. 170 more words