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Saint George: A very old PR poster boy

Here are my thoughts following Mr Cameron’s public video to us all for Saint David’s Day, originally from our office blog at Clearsilverhttp://www.clearsilver.co.uk/blog/2014/04/saint-george-a-very-old-pr-poster-boy… 570 more words

Diversity for Unity's Sake?

I don’t remember where I heard it yesterday but I was listening to something (perhaps a podcast) where the speaker mentioned how much humanism loves “diversity for diversity’s sake”.   338 more words


Frauen für den Status Quo

Da haben Theresa Bäuerlein und Friederike Knüpling also ein Büchlein namens “Tussikratie” verfasst, dass vom Spiegel so aufgenommen wird:

Statt die Verhältnisse zu hinterfragen, denken viele Frauen zu stark an die eigene Macht: Das finden Theresa Bäuerlein und Friederike Knüpling und zweifeln in “Tussikratie” an der aktuellen Gender-Debatte.

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Words made flesh – Russia, the West… and Ukraine

Whilst television continues to be the major news source for citizens in both Russia and the West, the internet age provides both new tools and new pitfalls for those trying to influence our interpretation of events.  764 more words


Russian propaganda and the Rainbow Bridge of Hysteria

Russophobia is sweeping the world! Well, maybe not the world, just Europe and America. In other words, The International Community.



The US-Russia Ukrainian deal… 2,306 more words

The Jungle

My feelings about this book changed drastically from the beginning to the end. At first, I was not going to write about this book on here because it was too serious and depressing, but then the ending kind of negated it all. 741 more words

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