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When Forced to Participate in a Failing System . . .

The Stupendous Failure Of Big City Education: How The Philly Teachers Union Loots The Schools


I can’t blame people for their dependence on government systems when it is ensured very little, if any, choices are available or spoken of. 84 more words


Venisian Effect

I love it~!

Better brains, better minds, better educated than mine—and entirely happy.

I envy ‘happy’. My ambition is that one day I too may be happy, comfortable in my knowledge and in full acceptance of current facts; no grounds for dissent nor discomfort. 479 more words


Who will care for the public education of our children?

When immense wealth finances political parties, elections become a mockery, a mere puppet show, of the democratic process. When the voting process allows two, and only two, sides which are both financed by immense wealth, the game is merely that – a game. 523 more words