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Public Sector vs. Private Sector

But Wait, There Are A Few Differences Between Amazon and the US Postal Service


Another take on the matter:

Public Sector Beats Private Sector – Rebutted!


Government Fury

not scary anymore :D

a week ago I used to be scared of these people because the nonsense they spout is taken seriously by too many in influential positions. Especially the predatory teacher made me very sad with the inluence that she has on young impressionable people. 91 more words

I Don't Need Feminism

I'd Say "Endorsed" - Celebs Aren't THAT Smart

US Climate Policy Unduly Influenced By ‘Hollywood Elites,’ Republican Senator Charges


Celebrity endorsements (sports, music, electronics) sell products – ummm.. so aren’t we starting the obvious?

Government Fury

Umm.. Apparently Unless Money Talks - Education Walks

Have You Had ‘The Talk’ With Your Student Yet?


“To help reduce stress, talk to your student openly about finances and look at all of the options available. 95 more words


Where Do Our Attitudes on Inflation Come From?

“Inflation is bad. Everybody knows that.” There are those words again: “everybody knows.” Any time I hear them, my defenses spring up because this phrase is usually used when the wool is about to be pulled over someone’s eyes. 713 more words


...and stop traffic

From Bloomberg here:

I think listening to other points of view is one of Christie’s core strengths.  For example, I read that he heard that some mayors in his state weren’t going to support his re-election. 35 more words

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