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So European Leftists And "Moderate" Muslims Think It's Fine To Put Muslim Children In Harm's Way

Don’t send them going up against the late Chris Kyle….but hey these hypocrites are suddenly so outraged even though they celebrate putting kids in harm’s way all the time like the Ferguson nationwide riots….the “Palestinians” sending their kids to become future suicide bombers and encourage them to toss rocks at Israeli soldiers. 17 more words

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So Obama Was Upset Over Islamic Supremacists' Lunch At GITMO Being Fed Hummus With Pasta, Nuts, Raisins But...

…Obama’s wife Michelle doesn’t seem to mind to dictate how our schools should feed our children with very little to eat…but wants to make sure an Islamic supremacist has a full plate while he’s serving his time in GITMO, then when he’s released he goes back to Jihad and has a lot of energy, hmm….

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The Left Just Imaginating Ferguson, Missouri As "Sweet Home Alabama" Segregation

No seriously, they really believe they’re in that time period again.

They must be using Spongebob Squarepants’ power of imagination:

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A Militarized, Truly Militarized Police Force....Robotic Cops And Machines...

Brought to you by the frauds wRONg Paul, Rand Pandering Paul especially when they pandered to race hustler riot agitators like Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and Eric Holder…what does 50,000 new cameras to various police departments have to do with stopping police brutality?   30 more words

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Wicked, Wicked Obama, Wicked, Wicked Sharpton, Wicked, Wicked Rand Pandering Paul And wRONg Paul Let Iran Get A Nuke

Ferguson is the perfect distraction to occupy the USA as a ruse for Iran to get a nuclear bomb, just think if they prolong the riots it’d disable the USA from responding to help out Israel something which is what Obama wants to see it through.

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