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Obama/wRONg Paul Ally Mohamed Morsi Embraces Hamas

Of course Dr. wRONg Paul sided with Obama with his outrage over the removal of Morsi whom is now praising Hamas.

wRONg Paul agrees with Obama: 11 more words

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Don't Trust Rand Pandering Paul's "I Love Israel" Mask

His father made these comments about Gaza and Hamas during the Bush years….he’ll have the same anti-Israel advisers, along with also pandering to the establishment what frauds….

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So Leftist "Journalists" In Hollywood Are Afraid Of Joan Rivers Slur But

Even if these rumors turn out to be not true, since he has stated in the past traditional marriage is between a man and a woman why are the same Leftist “journalists” comfortable in letting him arm homophobic Islamic supremacist Sunni terrorists in Syria whom are affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq?

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Al-Baghdadi Providing The Hit For Saddam Hussein Loyalists As Revenge For Killing Saddam?

After all why is Saddam’s eldest daughter praising them let alone confirming reports Iraqi Baathists support ISIS? Sshh, don’t tell Mr. Oil for Food Scandal being our President about that he wouldn’t like it being wrong about Saddam’s ties with al-Qaeda being right cause that’d expose him being affiliated with Saddam while Saddam was alive through Iraqi oil oligarchs.

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Knockout Game Nazis More Nazi Than The White Nazis

Shoot back, it’s your only defense or break their bones. ┬áNot even neo-Nazi groups do this….

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