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Blast From The Past: Cristina de Kirchner Being The Idi Amin In A Dress For Argentina?

It sounds a little worse than what Idi Amin did in Uganda to what Kirchner is doing in Argentina in supporting Iran and hampering investigations over the death of the prosecutor.   25 more words

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Islamic Conquest Via Islamic Immigration

Yes, this says it all that apologists of Islam don’t seem to mind. Jeb Bush should be on notice for his pro-Open Border policies as well.   52 more words

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And Soon So Many "Moderate" Muslims Will Soon Be Accusing So Many Buddhist Extremists Of Being Part Of A "Zionist Conspiracy"....

You just wait and see, this writes itself…even though the Buddhist extremists have nothing to do with Israel nor receive any support but you’ll see, they’ll soon be busy as beavers writing up misinformation about it soon enough….

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So Aside From Jesus Being A Muslim...Leftists Would Accept Jesus If He Were A Socialist...

….a “community organizer”….

But no, you cannot disagree with them or you’re a “racist bigot”, but remember they claim they are for Jesus and they all love Jesus even though they really do not…

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Why Leftists, Communists And Islamic Supremacists Put Their Children In Harm's Way

Don’t you see, it’s a way where they can claim victim, but again at the same time celebrate them as “martyrs”. Hmm, you wonder why the Left endorse cop-killers so young as Michael Brown.   50 more words

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wRONg Paul's Two-Faced Support For Middle Eastern Christians

Say didn’t wRONg Paul say it was okay for these same Islamic supremacists to attack us? And yet he’s pretending to be something he’s not which is defending Christians whom are victims of Islamic supremacy? 8 more words

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