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Jam Making

French apricots are in the shops this month and an apricot and vanilla recipe using 3lbs of fruit made 3 kilner jars of delicious apricot jam. 232 more words


Cut Flowers

On the allotment the cutting garden is coming along nicely with the first picking of Ranunculus ‘Purple Heart’. The claw like bulbs were sown in April and now eight weeks later these gorgeous deep plum papery flowers have emerged. 329 more words


My Garden now 2014_June_12

I gotta confess, a lot of my old plants died, especially the seedlings.

My capsicum or Lemon did not survive. But one particular Honeycomb Marigold did survive, grew in to 3-4 feet tall, then i trimmed it and propagated it, now i have 2 stalk marigold, now the 3rd one is going to grow root too . 129 more words

Propagating Currants

Currants have to be some of the easiest plants to propagate, and they give such fantastic fruit.

I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of black currants, but they do make an awesome ice cream. 357 more words


Flowers and Foliage

For performance Helleborus argutifolius is outstanding – it’s been in flower in my garden since January and in full shade. Last year I saved seeds that I sowed in autumn in a 1 litre pot of good compost. 243 more words