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Propagating Succulents

So here we go: my first trial propagating succulents. And it turns out to be so easy. Indeed.

I had two varieties of stone crop, an echeveria plant and a hens and chick plant. 401 more words


Apple grafts

I’m pretty excited this week. I started potting up the apple trees that I grafted last September and one that I did in August 2012. 380 more words


Being ruthless...

One of my favourite winter occupations is deciding which seeds I will grow next year. I always choose too many and I always have to edit my selection drastically! 350 more words


What are succulents?

Succulents are wonderful little plants. They look lush and juicy and carry themselves in fabulous pretty outfits. The term succulent literally means ‘juicy’ because of their high water content. 211 more words


Autumn Fruit

I was lazy about watering my autumn raspberries this year and after months of dry weather the result was a poor crop.  So this weekend I lifted the entire row out and cut the stems back to 20cms. 244 more words


Next morning

And this is how it all looks in the morning after!!!
I really hope they all survive and grow, they are gonna make nice presents.


Succulent first contact

Back from green green home, I wanna make our little house in Frankfurt a bit green too, and I have been reading a lot on Pinterest about succulent plants, they are pretty though and are very pretty. 187 more words