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Cement planters

A few month ago I made some cement planters. Today I had some time and sprayed them gold. They look pretty nice. I love them because they feel rough, rustic, and are all one of a kind. 61 more words


Book Review

The Flower Farmer’s Year

How to grow cut flowers for pleasure and profit by Georgie Newbery.

Publisher: Green Books

‘Here at Common Farm in Somerset Fabrizio and I started our little flower farm in a corner of our vegetable patch in April 2010. 950 more words


Winter Warmers

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by these beauties weighing in together as they did at over 3 Kilos. But after a quick google for recipes I was inspired to make a griddled butternut squash risotto and a delicious soup. 341 more words


Propagating Succulents

So here we go: my first trial propagating succulents. And it turns out to be so easy. Indeed.

I had two varieties of stone crop, an echeveria plant and a hens and chick plant. 401 more words


Apple grafts

I’m pretty excited this week. I started potting up the apple trees that I grafted last September and one that I did in August 2012. 380 more words


Being ruthless...

One of my favourite winter occupations is deciding which seeds I will grow next year. I always choose too many and I always have to edit my selection drastically! 350 more words


What are succulents?

Succulents are wonderful little plants. They look lush and juicy and carry themselves in fabulous pretty outfits. The term succulent literally means ‘juicy’ because of their high water content. 211 more words