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Notes from the engine room

This week Emma our head propagator at sissinghurst is writing a piece about her work in the nursery. Emma is responsible for propagating all the plants  for sale in the shop and also for supplying plants into the garden. 790 more words


Spring Blossom

Three multi-stemmed Amelanchier lamarkii at the end of the garden are now a frothy mass of pure white flowers. The leaves emerged just six weeks ago and transformed from pale grey into coppery-bronze and these now surround the blossom adding even more to the delicate flowers.   252 more words


Propagating Azaleas

I got a couple of azaleas (white and pink variety) this February. They look so gorgeous. They were actually on sale in the store for Valentines, and I couldn’t resist. 81 more words


Dividing up Herbaceous Plants

In un-seasonal warmth and full sun I’ve just had a really satisfying weekend in the garden. It started with a tidy up of the main flower beds cutting back last year’s growth on herbaceous plants, pruning the roses and cutting out any branches that rubbed across each other. 433 more words


Growing Pains

I knew it was far too early for sowing seeds but I couldn’t resist and started with courgettes. The plan was to put the pots in the heated propagator and to catch them just as soon as they emerged through the soil. 400 more words


The Unknown...

So a couple years ago I ordered a bunch of mixed succulent cuttings.  While they have all grown to be healthy, beautiful, and diverse succulents, it has provided tons of frustration as I do not know what variety many of these are.  229 more words

Dividing Heuchera

My preferred price range is free, my favourite thing to buy is plants. Shoes as well, but even shoes don’t make me feel as good as a new plant. 213 more words