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Proper Bench Press Technique

The most common exercise known and associated with weightlifting is the bench press. When discussing weightlifting for the first time with a new acquaintance, it’s not uncommon to hear the question “how much do you bench?”. 130 more words


Proper Clitoral Techniques for Intense Orgasms

During foreplay there are many methods to excite each other. For women, among the very best ways to become excited and quickly reach orgasm is through clitoral stimulation. 54 more words

Proper ATM Disposal after EMV upgrade

Proper ATM Disposal after EMV upgrade If your ATM is not in compliance with ADA or the new EMV card reader or are considering upgrading your ATM you ll need to dispose of your old one.   72 more words

How does fashion impact the highschooler life?

Fashion is a way to express yourself. One of the cool things about entering high school is that you get to experience many different types of fashion and looks. 161 more words


Writer's Block is Real, or, How To Write A Proper Apology

You’ve gone and screwed it all up, haven’t you?

Well if you haven’t yet, you will. Trust me.

Or someone will think that you did. 1,446 more words

The Pain of Being a Grammar Nazi

Some people haven’t the slightest idea how a simple grammar mistake (your/you’re, were/we’re, then/than, etc.) can alter the entire meaning of a sentence.

There you are, strolling along on some social media website, and you see a status update that contains… 443 more words


Proper Female Arousal Through Caressing Tips

In an intimate relationship, when the time becomes intimate, males and females are tuned-on at different rates. For many guys just the mention of making love is all they have to be all set for intimacy. 58 more words