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You Didn't Seen Nothing.

Does that even make sense? No it doesn’t. So why do you insist on saying it? Why do people feel it be unnecessary to use proper grammar? 333 more words

Grammar: Or How No One Can Ever Be Wrong.

By my own admission, I correct other people’s grammar more than I should for my own sanity and that of others. This has brought about some interesting reactions – from the pure vitriolic (perhaps deservedly), to the more pleasant ‘thank yous’. 835 more words

Excel 高效整理原始數據6大招

Kamah偶然會處理原始數據(raw data)的工作,所謂原始資料即是未經整理直接輸入(input)的數據。許多時候原始數據的格式皆不統一,幸好Excel提供不少函數協助整理原始數據。接下來,Kamah將介紹6種方法有效整理原始數據。


Ephesians 5: no fit

In looking at the grace of God the question pops up: does it matter how I live then?  In verses 3-7 Paul writes:

‘But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.   419 more words

Proper College Financial Planning will Not Sacrifice Retirement Funds

The article also provided details regarding the FAFSA application, such as which information is needed in the application process. Despite the fact that the family is applying for financial aid, it is important that proper college financial Planning is practiced by both the parents and the children in order to shoulder the burden of a college education. 46 more words


6 Ways to Avoid Toenail Infections

Proper senior citizen foot care can help prevent pain, and is especially important for those individuals who begin to experience mobility issues as they age. Fungal infections in toenails are common and are more likely to occur in those of…

20 Stylish Wedding Guest Appears We’re Pinning Proper Now

J’s Everyday Style
Going to a wedding this summer? When I’m trying to figure out what to put on to a wedding, I can inform you Pinterest is my 1st and last stop for style inspiration. 21 more words

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