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MPAC Wind Turbine Property Assessment Study - Stand by for Peer Reviewed Assessments

First look at the MPAC study which is way OVERDUE! Stand by for reviews from the field. Houses that haven’t sold were not included in the study. 26 more words

Ontario Wind

County withdraws "nuisance conditions" charges against Sean's Outpost Homeless Outreach

March 18, 2014 marked Sean’s Outpost’s first birthday. In the last year, the organization has fed over 60,000 meals to the homeless of Escambia County, purchased “ 1,714 more words


BLM vs the Rule of Law at the Bundy Ranch

The aftermath of the first stage of federal physical force against the Bundy’s is now being assessed. The government destroys water tanks, shoots bulls, and generally oversteps even their judge’s own court order to “only” steal cattle. 330 more words


Peaceful Resistance Is Fruitful

I know there are many Americans today wondering, “How can we stop the endless state and federal intrusions into our lives?” There have been two events in media recently that I believe prove very instructive for us liberty-minded folks as we seek an answer to this important question. 1,421 more words

Alter Or Abolish

Can you be happy if you are not secure in your property?

It must be obvious by now that the Founders weren’t infallible. They left us with a few conundrums, one of which has led to repeated attacks on our Constitutional Rights, as well as our Natural Rights. 725 more words