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Justice Groups: Ruling Protects Property Rights

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — In a decision that civil rights groups said would protect property owners’ rights, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that evidence obtained during illegal searches cannot be used to take someone’s property through civil forfeitures. 111 more words


Aboriginal land will be expropriated

Past Supreme Court decisions make it clear that Aboriginal land won’t be off-limits to economic development

This article, by Elizabeth Brubaker, first appeared in the… 763 more words

Property Rights

Can 'homo economicus' help save the environment?

by Sirca S. Gogus

A contemplation about the economic human, homo economicus, its so-called “rational” strive to maximise human well-being at the expense of the environment and whether Payments for Ecosystem Services can prove to be the panacea or, in fact,  bring us perilously closer to commodification of nature.

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Climate Change Adaptation

Letters: Street belongs to all Ottawa taxpayers

Re: Coase call on Lakeside Avenue, Aug. 19.

Columnist William Watson makes a very interesting case about property rights and the philosophical approach to resolving the fuss. 191 more words


The California Solar Energy Property-Tax Exemption

California exempts solar energy equipment from its property tax. The exemption will last until 2025. The California Wind Energy Association has complained that this exemption puts solar energy at an artificial advantage relative to other renewables such as windmills. 486 more words


Ist das den ganzen Aufwand wert? Abschöpfungen im Rahmen der städtebaulichen Sanierung

Dirk Löhr

Deutschland, ein Land der Rent-Seeker und Rent-Grabber. Nirgendwo ist dies deutlicher ersichtlich als an der Eigentumsverfassung an Grund und Boden.

Das Privateigentum an Grund und Boden ist in Deutschland eine heilige Kuh. 1,070 more words