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Agenda 21: So-Called ‘Compromise’ with the Enemy is Idiotic

by Jane Gaffin

A version of this article ran in the March 21, 2001 Whitehorse Star under the banner Compromise is the Way to Failure. 1,983 more words

United Nations

President Condemns Price Gougers, Dealers Raided

On one sunny August 16, at a time of high price inflation, government operatives announced the seizure of millions of eggs and 200,000 pounds of sugar. 397 more words


Web Site for Rural Land Owners

If you own rural land, you will be interested in this web site. It contains lots of information and tools for protecting your property rights. — jtl… 171 more words

Should we re-invest in high-risk areas in New Orleans?

By Anonymous (with many family links to Tulane University and New Orleans)

Should we re-invest in high-risk areas in New Orleans? This issue came up during our discussion of the Katrina situation. 499 more words

Government Policy

Lost, Found, and Adopted Out

The Supreme Court in Maine in a recent ruling declared that the Humane Society of the Waterville Area was not subject to state laws governing the release of public records.  1,371 more words