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Property and Peace. On the loss of individual freedom that attends the loss of property rights to big government.

by Kevin D. Williamson
July 20, 2014

The irreplaceable basis for a prosperous and decent society is property.

There is not very much good to say about the life and career of Vladimir Lenin, but give the pickled old monster this much: He cut through more than two centuries’ worth of bull and straight to the heart of all politics with his simple question: “Who? 329 more words


Secession and international alliances go together

It is important to scrutinize the intellectual strength of libertarian ideas about international relations. Here are a few – admittedly only partly systematic- thoughts about the relation between secession and international relations. 606 more words


What are your CDC property rights?

Some pension promises are easy to value

If I promise to pay you a monthly amount over the next five years, it is fairly easy to work out the value of that promise. 1,203 more words


Institutions matter

Rwanda has better institutions than the congo.

Haiti and the dominican republic share the same island but not the same property rights.

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