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Global Debt and Daniel 11:42-43

Global Debt and Daniel 11:42-43

The only way you could make the WTS the center piece of world importance is to lie, and live in a fancy world. 1,121 more words


Daniel 8 Small Horn Globalists

On Daniel 8 Small Horn

This is interesting and it would take time to read all that. Thanks for posting that.
Daniel 7:7-11 speaks of the beast with ten horns and the eleventh horn there were three plucked off making the eleventh horn the eighth horn. 1,316 more words


On Repeating Prophecy and Judgments

Judgment Prophecy Repeats

Blessed 66,dr fill, MarcellB, 20571point428571 and Admiral are the KH’s empty yet? No? why are you falsely predicting it?

Since the Hebrew prophets have been prophesying the judgments of God recur in cycles, all indicating also a final judgment cycle; 538 more words


Blood Moons Rising by Mark Hitchcock

Blood Moons Rising: Bible Prophecy, Israel, and the Four Blood Moons by Mark Hitchcock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I feel this book is well written and that the Biblical view of the significance of having the upcoming four blood moons is well presented. 84 more words

Book Review

Breaking Prophecy News; The Purpose of the Tribulation, Part 1 (The Prophet Daniel's Report #376)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: Hundreds of earthquakes hit Idaho; NATO plans deployment of more troops in Eastern Europe; al-Qaeda leader vows to eliminate ‘the cross’ and America… 352 more words

The Prophet Daniel's Report

Notes on 4-19-14

“Two” in big bold letters, a countdown, a major prediction is expected around the 21st

“Some of the biggest names and top leaders of the current elected representatives of the US will lose their re-election.” 168 more words

World Predictions

Holy Week Saturday Haiku

Fearful Pharisees:
Jesus’ tomb sealed and guarded,
Just one day to go