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Imams Unite To Defend the Prophet peace be upon him

To Defend Our Beloved Prophet, Let Us Exemplify His True Ideals Say Imams

Following the shocking murders in Paris, condemned by Muslims all over the world, and subsequent moves to depict the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once again, Imams from the UK and abroad have come together to issue the following advice to those concerned about the depiction. 1,196 more words

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Bible Prophecies of Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Bible Prophecies of Muhammad (peace be upon him) (part 1 of 4): Witnesses of Scholars

Preliminary Issues

The Bible is the sacred scripture of Judaism and Christianity.  4,166 more words


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ليس الشديد بالصرعة؛ إنما الشديد الذي يملك نفسه عند الغضب
The strong person is not the good wrestler. Rather,the strong person is the one who controls himself when he is angry.
(Sahih al-Bukhari, Book 73, #135)