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The Harvest Is Ready

As I was eating my breakfast this morning the Lord showed me a vision. In the vision I saw the Lord handing out Sickles for harvesting wheat because the fields were ripe… 199 more words

Today's Declaration 8/29/14

Today’s Declaration:

“Praise to God and gratitude for all He does flow from my lips. His lovingkindness and mercy for me go on forever. I will bless the Lord and forget not His benefits. 24 more words


Nuggets from 'Days of Wonder', Wales

Further to my recent post on the meeting in Cardiff, here’s a little more from Paul Keith Davis’ opening minutes:

“I’m of the belief – and I know you are as well – that we will not accomplish our mandate without the supernatural realm.

1,405 more words

It's A New Season!

Many of you are entering into a new season! It’s a season where you are being released into a new position with new authority and fulfillment. 1,110 more words

Moving Forward

Giving Birth to Purpose, Part 1: Creation Groans

Romans 8 is a discussion about purpose. Although we pull Romans 8:28 out of this context in order to make refrigerator magnets and bumper stickers, to devotionalize Scripture that should be as practical as eggs for breakfast, the weight of Paul’s words rests upon the symphonic orchestration of All toward the fulfillment of God’s purpose, through people passionate about God and positioned, ordained, assigned, and chosen for that purpose. 1,006 more words


I rather die on my feet than live on my knees

I wonder if he knew 33years ago, that she,

the wife he chose from his youth

would in his old age

make him walk over the far away mountains… 36 more words


Giving Birth to Purpose, Part 2: "We Groan With Childbirth Labor"

Paul says, “Even we groan, having the Spirit’s first fruits as adopted sons of God while awaiting the redemption of our bodies.” Our bodies being the natural aspect of our total being that contacts the physical world and will ultimately received fuller redemption when we receive a glorified body. 1,185 more words