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Three Interpretations of Recent President Obama Dream.

Three friends, in Texas, New York and Arizona have all submitted possible interpretations of the dream I had recently of President Obama.  The first one  is more personal to me while the other two are more relational to him.   1,438 more words


Jonathan Welton, Women in ministry

Jon Welton, one of my favourite up and coming bible teachers and scholars, teaching on the liberation of women in ministry.

From a larger teaching, this brief clip debunks the utter rubbish taught in most churches about women having a less than equal role in churches – and indeed church leadership.   38 more words


What's prophetic about contending for The faith?

Will you stand and contend with me?

Being contentious may seem un-Christian and contrary to Jesus’ command to love and forgive not only one another but also our enemies, to turn the other cheek when wrongly accused, as well as to avoid judging and condemning others. 1,326 more words


7 Weeks of Fasting and Prayer on Monday nights

While praying about the events unfolding around the world and within our borders, as well as for revival in our country, I saw a dry, cracked stream bed. 386 more words


Today's Declaration 7/28/14

Today’s Declaration:

“I walk facing forward, not backward. I know where I’ve been, I refuse to stay focused on it. Jesus is taking me to new places and higher heights; walking backward only hinders my forward progress, and keeps me from enjoying the journey.”

Face front!



Today's Declaration 7/27/14

Today’s Declaration:

“I refuse to walk in bitterness and react with negativity. I lay those feelings at the feet of Jesus who set me free and healed those wounds. 39 more words


Today's Declaration 7/26/14

Today’s Declaration :

“I will stop and smell the roses, enjoying the beauty that God kisses me with. I will have joy in the stillness of the day, and not rush those quiet moments. 7 more words