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Eyes made ready. The true prophetic.

Tonight while spending time with the Lord, I began seeing anĀ image of a white horse, and the horse was being beaten. It had numerous slash marksĀ on the side of its body. 456 more words


The Wedding at Cana: Part 2 My hour has not yet come...

This is the second part of our new series. The study of Jesus’ first miracle is indicative of the way that Jesus operates in our lives. 708 more words


Today's Declaration 1/25/15

Today’s Declaration:

“My God is not a God who is distant and aloof, He is a God who is up close and personal; more so than the best of friends. 66 more words


The Pressure of the Press - Excellent Teaching

We were blessed to come across this teaching today from Apostle Raymond Stansbury at the Prophetic House of Truth Outreach.

Please watch, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Be Blessed

From Worthless to Priceless

I had felt like a failure at the tender age of 19. I would have migraines, chest pains that I thought were the onset of heart attacks, when in all actuality were just panic attacks. 497 more words


Today's Declaration 1/24/15

Today’s Declaration:

“I am blessed and I am favored. I walk my walk from the place of rest and victory. There is nothing I face that Jesus can’t handle and no where I go that He is not with me. 18 more words


Altar: europe

Yesterday during ps Andy’s session he closed the session leading us into a moment with God that God would speak prophetically into our lives.

I started weeping in His presence. 195 more words