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Why did God send Prophets?

Man, who has mind and conscience, thought about both the world he lives in and his own creation and tried to find answers to questions related to these issues in every age. 618 more words


The Existence of God Necessitates Prophethood

Prophets tell us that the happenings in the universe are meaningful. They also tell us that there is a reason, an aim and a benefit for man.  211 more words


Proofs of Prophethood

Prophets never told lies and never stopped being straightforward during their lives. When God conveyed them this divine duty, their most important assistant was the fact that they never stopped being straightforward. 14 more words


Why is a Miracle shown?

A Miracle is approval by God that the causes of the Prophets are right. It means that the Prophet tells the truth. Suppose that you said in the assembly of a ruler, “ 596 more words


Some Properties of Miracles

In fact, the properties of a miracle are present in the definition above. Let us

clarify them.

a- A miracle must be something extraordinary. That extraordinary thing can be words or something similar. 294 more words


Miracles are usually related to the Issues that Communities are deeply interested in.

When the miracles of all prophets are examined, it is seen that the miracles are related to the issues that are common and famous in the relevant community. 780 more words


Place of Miracles in the Development of Humankind

Just as prophets exalted men spiritually in belief and worshipping God through their guidance, so did the Quran make those prophets masters and foremen in regard to mankind’s material progress. 1,221 more words