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PROPHETS: Jonah, by Harold Bloom

From The Shadow of a Great Rock

It may seem frivolous to speak of a favorite book in the Bible but mine is Jonah, by far.   679 more words


PROPHECY: The Trouble With Prophets

I have actually known actual prophets.

One I sort of adopted for a period of time, she being lost in the world, and I very much needing to “pay a bill” for a prayer that I was desperate to see fulfilled.   928 more words

My Writing

PRAYER: Carmelite Prayer — Prayer In The Spirit And Power Of Elijah (with a meditation on Elijah)

O Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel,
You alone are God.
Your servant Elijah lived in your presence,
and acted on your Word. 535 more words


Why a Prophet?

I have seen in what I have been reading lately a number of people posting about prophets, and how they are not really that necessary in the LDS faith.   1,157 more words


the treasures that I gave them.....


One day, Musa (A.S) was walking and he said to Allah SWT “Oh Allah I want to be close to You”. Allah responded by saying “Oh Musa, love Me, love those who love Me, and make people Love Me”. 42 more words