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The Circle replaces the apple shape in fashion lexicon

Not so very long ago, the descriptions used to identify all the various shapes which women encompass left the fruit bowl and migrated to the mathematical shapes department. 767 more words


11. Golden Mean

If you google The Golden Mean you will also find the Golden Ratio, the Golden Angle, Devine Proportion, and Sacred Geometry.  It can be found in photography, art, nature, the proportions of the human body, architecture. 223 more words


Calculating confidence intervals for proportions

Heres a couple of functions for calculating the confidence intervals for proportions.

Firstly I give you the Simple Asymtotic Method:

simpasym <- function(n, p, z=1.96, cc=TRUE){
  out <- list()
    out$lb <- p - z*sqrt((p*(1-p))/n) - 0.5/n
    out$ub <- p + z*sqrt((p*(1-p))/n) + 0.5/n
  } else {
    out$lb <- p - z*sqrt((p*(1-p))/n)
    out$ub <- p + z*sqrt((p*(1-p))/n)
} 259 more words

How Long Until Mr. Cloud's Out of Water?

Today in geometry, I had an empty 2.5 gallon container of water. I raised the question “How long did it take for me to drain the container?” 199 more words

Geometry Lessons

Blue Bell Skirt - 8 Ways

Like the show or not, who doesn’t want to have a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw’s style in their life? We can all have her best, most fashionable accessory– confidence. 345 more words