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Oceanic Proportions

Can she trust the wetness of the water to flow between us fully in each unexpected wave?

Waves have not been there in the past when tropical storms should have caused them to be? 162 more words



“You are wholly complete and your success in life will be in direct proportion to your ability to accept this truth about you.” ~ Dr. Robert Anthony…

359 more words

The New 'Normal Barbie' Comes With an Average Woman's Proportions — and Cellulite-Sticker Accessories

It’s a month before the holidays and you’re grappling with a serious toy buyer’s dilemma: 0n the one hand, you kind of just want to get your kid a Barbie; on the other hand you’d rather not perpetuate the peddling of anatomical ideals that are so impossible to achieve — and impractical. 558 more words

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On Breast Augmentation in Baltimore and the Ideal Breast Proportions

Breast augmentation, breast enhancement, or a breast lift in Baltimore may all seem like an act of vanity for some people, but for most women it’s serious business. 51 more words

Wk 12- Activity- Teach One

So for my wk 11 I did drawing. Well going with drawing again, I am teaching proportion. Proportion is use in figure drawing and in cartoon drawing. 220 more words

ART 110

Ratios and Proportions

We are working on ratios and proportions. Here are a few videos we will watch in class on Monday.

Writing Proportions:

Solving Proportions:

Here’s a very simple game that you can play to practice solving easy proportions. 22 more words


The Golden Ratio…Very Cool

Back in the seventh grade at Harding High School I had a cool math teacher that allowed me the creative freedom to experiment with the rhythms I found in numbers. 363 more words

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