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Oh My! What's happened to your face!

This summer has been a pip. Where I live we have had so much rain that people have had their basements and ground floors of their homes flooded. 1,177 more words

Sewing Project


When measuring my skin folds at various points in my body, my percentage of body fat came out to 30% – which is on the high end of the “average” section of the charts. 371 more words


The Art of Cross Dressing - It's all a matter of Illusion

Today I want to talk about something that I would have to say lies at the very core foundations of being a transgender person, and very much defines the spectrum that exists in our community. 1,707 more words

Cross Dressing

the perfect ratio...

Today I met a colleague that I had known only by email… She was as lovely in real life as she seemed in words on the small screen, however I was immediately struck by something about her appearance. 141 more words

Looking at yourself is hard.

Okay. 1) Having a fashion blog is an odd thing. First of all, it’s just ODD to look at photos of yourself every day (or how often you post). 532 more words


playing with proportions

UPDATE: Here is a supplemental article from Refinery29, posted a couple of days after this article was. Good read, if you liked this one. 518 more words

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Koch Snowflake

A Koch snowflake begins with an equilateral triangle with a side length of (stage 0). Trisect each side and attach a smaller equilateral triangle to the center of each side (stage 1). 93 more words

Problem Solving