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Understanding the gas turbine engine...

Gas Turbine Engines! They’re the honeypots of any propulsion course. You’d need a book to cleverly explain the clockworks behind that thing! Because it’s much… 2,603 more words


Antimatter Production - Present and Future

When it comes to using antimatter for propulsion, getting sufficient amounts of the exotic fuel is the biggest challenge. For flights within the solar system, hybrid concepts would require several micrograms of antimatter, while pure antimatter rockets would consume dozens of kilograms per trip. 429 more words


New Release for Kindle: Antimatter Propulsion

I’m very excited to announce the release of my latest ebook called “Antimatter Propulsion”. I’ve been working working on it like a madman for the past few months, going through scientific papers and wrestling with the jargon and equations. 254 more words


Flame Photography Discerns Peculiarity in Ramjet Ignition

Amid pictures of dazzling auroras and satellite passes, pictures of a flame may seem boring in comparison. However, a Chinese team’s recent photography of flames igniting in a high speed engine (Technical note, … 362 more words


HI48M Landing Craft; A Productive Investment

This build was designed by us and used for transportation of different goods such as vehicles and other types of cargo; with a dead weight/ship’s loading capacity which includes bunkers and propulsion supplies of 400 tonnes and a trial speed of 11 knots. 557 more words

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