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HI48M Landing Craft; A Productive Investment

This build was designed by us and used for transportation of different goods such as vehicles and other types of cargo; with a dead weight/ship’s loading capacity which includes bunkers and propulsion supplies of 400 tonnes and a trial speed of 11 knots. 557 more words

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Nuclear powered Ramjet Missile (SLAM) concept of 1950s

The nuclear powered Ramjet engine is truly a fantastic concept. Ramjet is quite appealing for its simplicity, eventually we will move to ramjets sooner or later for high speed flights. 1,464 more words


Ocean on Saturn Moon Could be as Salty as the Dead Sea

July 2, 2014

RELEASE 14-185

Scientists analyzing data from NASA’s Cassini mission have firm evidence the ocean inside Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, might be as salty as the Earth’s Dead Sea.The new results come from a study of gravity and topography data collected during Cassini’s repeated flybys of Titan during the past 10 years. 611 more words


Can a satellite hover over the Sun?

My friend Russell asked me under which condition an object would be able to stand still around the Sun. This is a very interesting question; it probes some fundamental facts about the solar system and its applications are keeping many engineers around the world busy. 400 more words

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