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Pros & Cons of being a Female Startup CEO


  1. Guys (and girls) more willing to help you out bc you’re a girl
  2. Easier fundraising (female investors who believe in women empowerment)
  3. Hire more talented female employees…
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the pros and cons of living alone (kind of)

It’s been a little over a year since I moved out of my college dorm, where I spent about five years of my life. There, I shared a room and the bathroom with three other girls. 1,579 more words

Pros And Cons

Findmypast's new layout - like it or loathe it?

As a subscriber to Findmypast’s  worldwide package and it being a site I use regularly, I have a pretty vested interest in how the site works, I pay them money every year to access their ever expanding sets of records, but how good is it when they change the layout and the search facility? 937 more words


Wedding Registries and The Pros and Cons You Should Know About

Repost from our previous blog on BlogSpot, Celia Rose, Inc.:

Let’s face it, when you are planning your wedding the registry is one of the fun parts of planning.   2,122 more words


The Pro's & Con's of "Growing Up"

: Michael Rohr(left), and Raul Saldana(right).

If you’re an 80′s/90′s child or any generation of child, you know that at a very young age “growing up” was a cool thing. 250 more words


Някой ден- и на нашата улица.

Няма слънце. И съм в Сатурнова дупка. Майната й на дупката, но липсата на слънце ме съсипва. Разбрах, че съм ужасно зависима. По-зависима и от най-зависимия зависим зависим. 16 more words

Pros And Cons

Game Review II : Super Paintball

Hi, guys, This is IsaacNewtonII with another mineplex.com game review! Today’s game is Super Paintball.

Summary: Super Paintball is a game where you start out with a type of horse armor that is either Iron, Gold, or Diamond and three water bottles used to clean yourself and your allies. 251 more words

Pros And Cons