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How Do You Feel About Your Dorm?

The Washington College campus is home to about 1500 students. For the students living on campus, there are several different living situations to choose from. Each dorm is unique in its own way. 330 more words

Pros and Cons of Marley Twists

After wearing marley twists many times in 2014, I took time to create a list of pros and cons for myself of my opinion of marley twists. 958 more words

Natural Hair

Pros and cons of living alone

Pro: You can sing and dance as much as you like to! No one is there to complain about the “wrong” music or your ridiculous dance moves  ;) 1,104 more words


My Book's Pros and Cons List

A year or two ago I had a job that I really hated but knew that I should stay in. Whatever I did I couldn’t seem to justify leaving. 550 more words



They usually tell you any time you need to make a decision, you should make a pro and con list. And lately, I’ve been thinking I might want to acquire a boyfriend, so I’ll do as ‘they’ say, and make a list of the (many and varied) pros and cons. 429 more words

Pros and Cons: Owning a Car

I bought my first car around Halloween and am the proud owner of a 2013 black Mazda 2 Sport hatchback (the “sport” stands for higher insurance costs, but I suppose the quick and loud acceleration makes up for that). 619 more words


Contemplate with me the making of lists of pros and cons.  Why are cons considered bad?  Is it because of ex-con con artists controlling contentious confusion?  79 more words