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Product Review- Deluxe Twins Set: Boys Edition

When I unknowingly decided to impregnate my wife I didn’t realize it would result in me being blessed with the deluxe two for one tyrant special. 848 more words

Becoming Pinterest Worthy: The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Interior Designer

Interior design. I used to think that was something that required no skill, just money. Then I saw how poorly some wealthy people’s homes are decorated and quickly re-evaluated. 834 more words

back to reality

I’m feeling a little bit better about the move, closer to where I was at emotionally before last week’s sudden trip downhill. A little more “this will be exciting” and a little less “I’m going to my death bed!1!!1″ … I mean..  271 more words


Title Loans Backed By Your Car, Yay or Nay?

Car title loan is one of the most popular short-term loans. Your title loan is approved within an hour or so and you can secure up to half the value of your vehicle; which serves as collateral. 463 more words

How To Decide Whether You Need Title Loans Or Not?

Car title loans are an instant way of getting a considerable amount of cash. This loan can help you through a financially difficult time. Your car title serves as collateral to back your loan repayment and you are provided with cash on a short-term notice. 458 more words

Open Access to Online Material- Good or Bad?

Open Access saves lives (and, closed access means people die)
– Peter Murry-Rust, 2011

What is open access?
Open Access is free, immediate, online availability of research articles, coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment.

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Twitter and its Uses

Information circling the Internet at this speed has its pros and cons. It has created the innovative concept of a real time news flow, as well as being a largely imperative tool in recent revolutions. 101 more words

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