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Hall Pass

Hall passes.

These aren’t the traditional hallway passes we know from middle school.

No, these are the hall passes that give you a night, a weekend, or a week off from your relationship to play with whomever you want. 417 more words


The Pros and Cons of Having a Fella

Until a few short months ago, I had been single for so long that I was openly referring to myself as “single as fuck”. Not in a ‘look at all the one night stands I’m having with beautiful strangers’ way, but more of a ‘bawling the words to Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Woman” whilst eating ice cream for breakfast and not washing my hair for 12 days at a time’ way. 906 more words


The Upside and the Downside of eTextbooks

The Good

  • The price. We’ve all experienced the miserable feeling of forking over exorbitant amounts of money for a book that you may not crack open once.
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the decision-making process

The Family is considering buying a new (very old) home. Fret not, local readers: we aren’t leaving Our Town any time soon. We just found a house around the corner that is pretty swell. 171 more words


First Thoughts on the New Dark Eldar Codex

So, I have spent the past few days looking at the new Dark Eldar codex, since it is my secondary army besides Eldar, and I must say that I am not a huge fan with what they have done with the codex. 879 more words


Should you have a destination wedding?

Destination weddings are quite popular because couples want to escape their familiar surroundings and create their dream wedding elsewhere. Whether it’s heading off to the Caribbean, Europe, or somewhere else, planning a destination wedding can be very memorable for you and your husband-to-be! 829 more words


Decisions or headaches

I find making a decision to be difficult sometimes. I weigh the pros and cons, but the cons of both always seem to outweigh making the decision. 66 more words