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Mama Lisa

Your eyes burn me like a magnifying glass burns an ant in the summer sun.
Mama, how come everything I do is wrong?

So much fire from a woman so cold. 69 more words

Creative Writing

Sky's Mercy

It had been a gray day, as most memories are. The road in the front of the squalid townhouses wasn’t busy, but the cars and trucks went by quickly, whipping childhood ignorance with pebbles and wheel-thrown stones, and with a cutting breeze as we played in the small rectangular lawns, mostly weeds. 234 more words


[Fiction] Angie's Boot

Angie, who grew up with nothing, hoarded all that she could around her desert home. Her stretch of pale grass became an oasis: a refuge for small skittering legs and dormice in the dark. 44 more words


Prompt for September 16: The Robbery

Pillows on desk. Pull up top sheet. Fold over blanket. Pull up comforter.

Every morning was the same for Cenith. She knew she could just let one of the androids make her bed every morning, but no. 235 more words


An Imaginary Man

Him. Oh him. His curly tousled brown hair together with his set of gorgeous brown eyes and his thin lips, oh how I’m dazzled. His broad shoulder together with his strong muscled arms, oh how I wish they are wrap around me. 144 more words

Spilled Ink

Of the time he said BRINJAL

The great flowing beard of the English professor levelled all the noises in the quiet room into a sweet silence. He said, “Brinjal”. And I thought of him in his purple kurta. 496 more words


14 September, 2014

..He will be working overnight tonight, and for the next few nights to follow. It’s his first overnight, and he’s up early having trouble adjusting, so he sits outside with a cup of coffee. 311 more words