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Impatient Letter

Before I went to travel South Africa, my girlfriend handed me 4 letters and told me to open one per week… I read them in Dubai airport about 8 hours later. 203 more words



“We aren’t gay or anything, we’re just friends.” Rich told the mustache-man.

“I don’t care what you are, as long as you pay the rent.” 311 more words


Do You See It?

A soldier clamps on a soft, pink surface. A thick liquid fills my mouth. What could it be? It is rich, coppery, smooth on my tongue; like satin on fingers. 195 more words



I haven’t shaved in a couple of weeks. I’m rebelling against something, but I haven’t yet decided what it might be. My fledgling beard is a brier patch of wayward hairs, each fleeing my insanity in a different direction. 186 more words


I want your permission.

To spread my thoughts among many short posts.  Because, I don’t have the energy to sustain my writing.  I am discouraged by my lack of progress. 98 more words



I am merely demonstrating how I want my posts to be understood.  If I write many short posts with titles, look for the narrative.  My narrative will be found among and between the posts.   60 more words