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An Open Letter to Death

Written while listening to ‘Black Sun’ by Death Cab for Cutie. An impromptu piece inspired by the song as well as ongoing affairs. Do leave feedback!

325 more words

Random Word Bank: Barbershop Dream

It was through the droning buzz of a barbershop that I had a moment of focus – a flirt of inspiration flushing in. Like some cosmic gateway spilling open between dabbed shaving cream and bitter aftershave, a manly woman descended into my daydream. 100 more words


A Bunker Hill Commemoration

Ah, but the fragrance of love in the night

A gentle sweeping curve of ardor

A love gently returned, softly, sweetly

The thrill so joyous as to savor each moment… 259 more words


A sharp and sudden pain cracked across Connor’s ribs as he was lifted and shoved against the wall behind him. He cried out with a grimace, gripping the wrists of the much, much larger man holding him there, squirming painfully to break free. 876 more words


28 Jan, 2015: Library

It was nice going to the library today – hell it was downright spiritual. I assume it was a similar feeling to what stepping into Wrigley or Fenway would evoke in a twelve-year-old who dreams of hitting home runs. 525 more words


Feeding Off Wounds

It starts off as an itch that you want to scratch out of curiosity, to see if it hurts, too sure somewhere that it wouldn’t at the same time, tiptoeing around the borders of the wound, more scab-like on the outside, a vulnerable, volatile blister about to burst any moment on the inside, only you can’t feel it, till you finally lash out your frenzy as your mind still lurks at the wound, clawing at it with the flagellating impulse till suddenly, you see the blood ooze out of it, seeing that you hadn’t realised the wound was your own. 106 more words


Stardust to stardust

Our life began as cosmic dust floating out in the nether of space. Hitching rides among the celestial giants that streaked through the universe, spanning galaxies and starfields, we were naught but proverbial mice aboard the ship of life. 568 more words