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The Soul In You

The soul in you was not created to be pressed down. Yes, you will lose people for uncovering your true self and doing it your own way. 143 more words


Let's Coauthor a Short Story

You know that sentence game that involves each player adding to the previous person’s sentence to form a story? Let’s do that.

I will start by proposing an opening line below. 176 more words

Creative Writing

Patience: Would you show up already

Patience: Would you show up already.

Patience was waiting. She is still waiting..

Patience.. it was just like her to wait around.

Patience was her middle name..but you don’t want to know her first. 44 more words



Maybe we don’t see it, but we’re the same. Maybe we don’t feel it, but we’re connected. Maybe we seem distant and too far away, but whether we realize it or not, we are no different. 89 more words


On the East Coast

People are different
on the East Coast
They know something i never will

They know how to live,
without worrying about life,
They’re content to simply stay – still… 146 more words


It's Alimentary Dear Watson

It’s Alimentary Dear Watson..


Sherlock woke with a small flutter deep within

the darkness of his bowels.  

This place of shadow and filth,

the real dirt of life. 270 more words


Dear Claire,

If you’re reading this then you’re already halfway across the world. I thought I should write this letter to let you know how I feel and what’s been on my mind. 338 more words