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Fading Silhouettes

There you are with your gold hair and your brown eyes and you expect me not to smile.

“Excuse me miss, could I trouble you for the time.” … 142 more words


Taking Fear's Power Away

Don’t give fear power over your life. When you make something a big deal in your mind you only create a bigger problem for yourself to overcome. 44 more words



When things go wrong
And happiness stays away for too long,
Remember, words will comfort you.


Christmas Writing Sprint

This time last year I hadn’t written a novella. Now I’ve had one published.

I heard about the SALT publishing call for Modern Dreams submissions just before Christmas last year. 269 more words



The only truth is…
I still wonder what is true.


Prose Poem

Dog Park

If I have learned anything from those around me from my upbringing, is that hard work, honesty, and dedication are a must. However, there were times in my life where, despite all my hard work and efforts, I was denied the goals I worked towards. 287 more words


Moving Out (Prose)

Moving Out

My Mum was still working with children the night before I moved out, and told me (over jacket potatoes) a story about a nursery she’d been to, earlier that day. 70 more words

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