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The Widening Gap

I have a twenty minute wait, holding for a representative from the community college, Musette telling me last night, “Just call them.”

It was odd, and fateful, how it was revealed to her, upon investigating the issue, that today is the day designated for those who plan on taking the smallest amount of credits to apply. 405 more words


happy anniversary dear blog!

It’s been a year since I posted my first entry on this blog. I’ve written more in this past year than I had in the preceding four (five, really). 51 more words


Thin Words

I seek an honesty that most fear

Open your soul to the light

Dark moon rises flanked by

Indigo clouds flush with the hidden

Show me your sunlit darkness… 155 more words


Falling White

                The grip of the paladin’s hands around my arms tightened as we approached the doors leading to the visitation chamber. I understood the precaution; of course they wanted to protect the king from a silver-tongued Seer. 718 more words


Storms Fury

With a final long rumble of thundering skies the sun has returned to the sky, a sea of droplets upon the world become prisms, star bursts in daylight. 107 more words


The Author, Part 1.

[This is the first fiction piece in a series. Installments 2 and 3 to come later.]

It was Monday morning, and blood was gushing from Davey’s foot. 1,021 more words


when you left us

and i catch a glimpse of my tear-streaked cheeks (rivers of water and salt flowing freely) in a broken mirror as i sit silently in remembrance of you and all that you were and all that you could have ever been if you’d only gone a different way at a different time. 63 more words