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She could’ve sworn
God played a trick on her
when He decided to give other girls
small waists
and long legs
and pretty eyes.

She could’ve sworn… 77 more words


you are more than lovely

Prompt: Write a poem that has the same first line as another poem.

Lovely one,

with your wide eyes
and trusting smile.


told you that lovely… 118 more words


poetry is hard

This is not poetry.
These are sentences
broken down
into lines.

In that same way,
to you,
I am not a human being.
I am something… 9 more words



I was a boy, lost in the wonder of small things. fallen in the shadow of larger things, aware, but unaware. Surely, the shade of the creek was from the trees, towering in watchful silence. 827 more words


The tunnel story

Money as a motivator can really show a person how much they care about what’s going on inside of them. I’ve heard people say “money over everything” and they are literally dying inside. 640 more words


His Name Was Ringo

His name was Ringo,
and he was an open book.
His novel was leather bound and beamed with such purity, no dust would land atop his face out of respect. 66 more words

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