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Part 7

Back at their temporary base, gathered in the small living area, the team discussed the recent events that transpired. SubHuman was annoyed with Bravado for starting the fight with the Neo-Nazi members and partly with himself for not being able to reel Bravado in. 1,415 more words


Pieces (October 15, 2014)

My things look used. They are smudged and scratched; lumpy and deflated. I like my used things, though. They look vandalized by life in the way that life does to things when there is lots of it—lots of stories to tell. 461 more words


Descriptions: The boy on his way to Tesco

He was tall enough that I, at 5″7, could fit neatly under his armpit. Jet black stubble forced its way out of the fleshy rolls between his chin and neck; it matched his long, silken hair, but contrasted his startling blue eyes. 20 more words

Descriptive Prose

Descriptions: The man at the harbour

We kicked stones as we walked along the beach absent-mindedly. We did this everyday, the walk back from the furthest beach. Stopping at the pier, we leant over the edge and looked out to sea. 104 more words

Descriptive Prose

My secret passengers

It’s the too long silences which give me away.

Inside the beasts jostle shoulder to shoulder to gaze through my eyes.

Inadvertently they scratch and claw at my ribs, 153 more words


Prompt for October 30: The Stranger on the Wall

She wore a painted on smile. A da Vinci creation that, at first glance, could have passed off as real. As I admired the craftsmanship behind the straight patches of white and the soft canvas lips, I noticed her eyes were that of a doll’s. 77 more words


Dead Network


No one could deny that computers were Jaden’s thing. Ask him about the Man. Utd. game on Saturday and he’d get all awkward and shy and try and change the subject, but ask him how to get past the parental control password on your laptop and, well, Jaden was your man. 1,633 more words