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Today marks the last day I will be living in Muncie, Ind. As historic and cultural as this city is, it has exhausted my enthusiasm, and I’m ready to take on more adventure in my life. 863 more words


Cornering the muse and holding her hostage
Until I have emptied her pockets
Her palms
Her hidden places –
Of every sweet, odoriferous stirring
She yields to the dogged… 70 more words


It is Raining!

It is Raining!

For possibly the first time I now understand
how one can look longingly for Rain.

The lighting was a few hours ago. 90 more words


Obscura @ 3:00am

Obscura @ 3:00am

Our Shero stands at the window wearing
her cape,looking West searching,straining
eyes waiting patiently for a glimpse
of her beloveds, any sign that her… 87 more words


Caress of the infinate

My soul shudders

I feel you my love

timelessness takes me

liquid illumination

courses my veins

As you caress

My very spirit


Words by errant satiety image from the net un-credited but appears to be by Mizliyuma (Luis Albano) on deviantART 




Writing Tips are for Sissies

The internet is filthy; I’ve looked. In particular, it’s filthy with articles on Writing Tips. I couldn’t read most of them. Blame that on public schooling, or on the article writers, but the regurgitated notions did create some indigestion of my own, which I present below. 674 more words


The Dragon in the Library

The rain battered the window panes, making it impossible to see anything outside except blackness. 

Inside, the soft candle light reflected off the mahogany bookshelves and burgundy carpet, giving everything a warm glow. 1,101 more words