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I haven’t watched the video. Yet I’m haunted by it.

I know that there is nothing especially novel about the savagery inflicted upon James Foley by some hooded spokesman for ISIS. 582 more words

Prose Poem

The Mooneys

The first people who lived on this hill were the Mooneys. Long gone now, they were ancient, even when I was just a boy. Jessie and Martha sat fat in metal chairs all day long.  179 more words


Point Dume

You would have to know the hills
well enough to spot this dirt path
that meanders for miles across the
hills, like a dog aimlessly chasing sea… 134 more words


A brute, a forward-thinking lean mass of muscle and movement— unblinking, never stupefied. Straight to the task and

regular. He is a force to be reckoned with and he swallows all of her, like air. 184 more words

Love, I let the flowers wilt for you

Love, I let the flowers wilt for you. I carried the stems along the long jagged grass. Love, I walked the garden over and over for you. 68 more words

Let me just say

i only have to stick one palm on your shoulder and look you eye-to-eye, and          say

I am sorry, I am so sorry for you. I want to hold you close as though you were a broken thing. 174 more words

let me impart to you


let me impart to you, all that i am saying, in one flash of my eyes up to yours, in one solemn word said with eyes looking every place other than at you, in the times when we have sat together, leg against leg, arm against arm, or else been physically planets apart, no closer than some stranger slipping by on the street. 579 more words