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Day 16: Is That Thunder? No, Just Breakfast by Antosh Wojcik

This tank is my lung, built with stretch ceiling, so the panes react well to exterior air, so that I will too when I am exhaled. 176 more words


New poem in Tupelo Quarterly

Many thanks to Jessamyn Smyth and the others at Tupelo Quarterly for publishing my prose poem “Settlers” in their most recent issue! Very happy to see the poem find such a fine home on the interwebs. 12 more words



Startled by the shrill cries of feathered sable-winged imps, I awaken.

I stumble with purpose to the bathroom, turn on the faucet, allowing the stark cold deluge of life to overtop my cupped hands. 568 more words

Art Music Poetry

Ri'Pingnk E'joo Sam

There there there there are only people who have nothing left to spend on but strangers. Here we’ve run out of strangers. 

“It’s very boring here,” says Ri’Pingnk E’joo Sam… 41 more words

Two Complimentary Analyses of "The Colonel"

  1. Forché summarizes the long history of El Salvador’s governmental corruption by illustrating a war crime committed by a military leader.
  2. Forché‘s metaphor, “Some of the ears on the floor caught this scrap of his voice.
  3. 44 more words
Carolyn Forché

Sand Mermaids

My mother is walking in the garden,

her bare feet are calloused

and covered in dirt,

her toenails painted red.

The hem of her sundress is wet from the water pail… 332 more words

Micro-Summary of "The Colonel."

Forché visits a colonel in his home.

The focal point of “The Colonel” is when the governmental official reveals his collection of dismembered human ears. 70 more words

Carolyn Forché