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At work sometimes I walk to a concrete fence under the burning sun, and I write prose poems on my phone. 

1. Where does the dream end? 76 more words

Here Comes The Bones Of The Terrible Wife

Hype is an amazing pair of goggles, as is confusion. If you can bewilder an audience with enough style and controversy, it fools people into thinking your content is good: this applies to any form of art. 270 more words


by Dani Purcell

Out, she says, she wants it out. Her choice weapon is a pill in a small brown bag and she stares at it in her lap as she chain-smokes on the drive home.

296 more words

Lavender Teeth

The sharp mint of lavender with their hands and feet. It’s a dance of the sway. The back and forth, and the two-timing tang of snapping twigs, plucking nails. 244 more words


Invitation To the Dance

we belong…. at the summit, in the open sky, facing the future, the unknown, the night.
–Francis Ponge

The Worm:
I can write a poem while in a reclining position bare-naked. 308 more words

Prose Poem

Join us for Writers' Fourth Wednesday ...

Join us on The Bardo Group blog tomorrow for Writers’ Fourth Wednesday. This event is hosted by Victoria C. Slotto, novelist, poet and writing coach. 489 more words

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Falling in love

Maybe one day I shall become a poet,
and write a book. Each page will be
enjambed with my tongue.
I shall publish it on recycled paper… 67 more words