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Extraordinary Rendition by Paul Muldoon


I gave you back my claim on the mining town
and the rich vein we once worked,
the tumble down
from a sluice box that irked… 153 more words


Chapter Five

Realizing the Existence of A Divide Or Split in the Continuity of Self 

There’s a rumble far off like the ocean’s erupting into whirlpools; the walls of which are collapsing to a 1 & 2 & 3 and 1 & 2 & 3 and… 1,148 more words

Prose Poetry

Could ... ?

by Jeff Glovsky

Will you really stare, my love?  Like you expect I’ll give my seat up?  Do you really think I’m interested in how your feet are faring? 61 more words

Jeff Glovsky

Leisure gestures

You would like to swallow me

or fold and  tuck me under your tongue

in fear I might deceive you.

You don’t have to pretend to be my savior… 155 more words



by Ariel Maccarone

When I imagine them, I imagine them as boys. I imagine the days of sun that would have leathered once soft adolescent skin, revealing the men they would become. 217 more words

It was a Tuesday, and all was fine in the universe.

When I was twenty one

I spent my time on the wrestling mat

I was never any good

but would always get back up.

I got spiked on my head… 404 more words

In Secret We Thirst by Hermann Hesse

Graceful, spiritual,
with the gentleness of arabesques
our life is similar
to the existence of fairies
that spin in soft cadence
around nothingness
to which we sacrifice… 69 more words