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Au Revoir, Famille d'Henrotte

You are a living Swedish doll, aged a bit, just add

clogs, skin yellow like Georgia sweet bread,

chapped hands smoothed over by liquid youth: 346 more words



Yeah we’ve all had some hard knocks, I get it. I ran with maybe a bit of a tough crowd and you’ve got like something clinical, ok. 284 more words


‘I love you, I can’t decide, No, I am more ambitious than that, silence, It’s fine, jump, silence, she’s a bitch whore, silence, I don’t need anybody, I’m not being bullied, a roller disco sounds so fun, silence, maybe one more slice, silence, I was young, you were interested…, I’m not hungry, I ate so much,  I put on five pounds, I liked your hair better blonde, sometimes I am really sad, red wine please, silence, it’s fine she’s just being honest, I am ugly, I missed you, silence, I want a dog too, I don’t even need to try, I can down a whole bottle of vodka, tell me more, Thank-you but I’m sorry, I just can’t, with…

34 more words


How did I get from wildest dreams to none I wonder and then I console myself and say I’ve had the wildest of wild dreams and some have even come true so just deal with it it’s over. 95 more words

Prose Poetry

It is what it is

the chapters of her life
read like a book
the page will be turned
the sentences read
paragraphs unfurl
and life at times will halt… 151 more words



Mundane clipping café lives by one rule. They will have strawberry flowers crushing on you if you bring in a beautiful lady. You see a different room every time you come in. 186 more words



They found it next to her, floating upon the surface, half entwined within her fragile hair. The pond had swallowed them both, becoming a shallow grave of beauty. 334 more words