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141.365 (10/79)

Because they like me still, they shut me up in clothes — the blue cotton jumper, however, has discovered freedom on this tiny girl’s fluid body, although the memory of the closet keeps its new-found joy somewhat in check.


With Halloween next week, I thought it would be an awesome idea to share an excerpt from one of my favorite costume parties of literature. The short story, “The Camel’s Back” was written by F.

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A conversation during a walk

The dog bounded at my feet as I waved the ball about.

He yelped as I launched it into the trees.

I felt something hit my shoulder blade, an overzealous hiker, I thought. 240 more words

Poems By Luke

140.365 (9th sentence of Jean's 79-sentence autobiography)

Although I’ve just taken my first step, I’m already doing it wrong, not straight-and-narrow enough, so he fumbles at my soul, the revenant divinity, corrects my pigeon-toes with iron braces so I might walk the straight-and-narrow upright, stunning the nascent, twisted soul of my legs by degrees.


~ Seduction ~

~ Seduction ~

Behold, my love, soon the sun
Will slip into the seas swells
Embraced, she’ll blush rose
As the maid upon loves first touch… 29 more words


Prose Poetry: Unmade

There are unmade things in the earth. Unraveled things. Undone. Buried, buried, ruins of kings and barefooted beggars alike, gold uncreated, divided into its component parts, only the potential of it left behind, a kiss of memory in the rubble. 199 more words


Please Give Me a Piece of Life Advice

use your head, the head that allows you to think happy thoughts, the thoughts that allow you to look on the bright side… 258 more words