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In Remembrance

Long walks into the evening setting sun comfort me as the tides creep further and further up the shore grazing my feet as I stand there, washing up sea shells and taking up them back as they go, sinking my feet into the sand as if Neptune mourned my presence with the sea. 253 more words


Pots, Pans and Summer

Reminiscence by Zoraida Ziggy Pastor

Summer was scorching past the grimy kitchen window. Yet, the apartment was surprisingly cool, despite the fact that Grandma was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. 287 more words


At this, the end of the world, I feel more English than Zadie Smith –
not because of white teeth,
but because there is no way to write the stories without… 102 more words



These are hands. These are knees. These are only skin and bone. I have sour breath and nothing to eat. A handful of dried roses for dinner. 157 more words

~ Recognition ~

~ Recognition ~

On a street
Crowed with people
Cars bumper to bumper
Horns blaring
Lights flashing
Rain falling in sheets
Colorful umbrellas
Blocking visions path… 43 more words



So I decided to become thin enough to slip on a line of poetry as one does a summer dress. I would slough off my skin and wear only words: instead of “boy” or “girl,” I’d dress in “grass,” “rain,” and “ash.”


A Handshake in Thought

There are many ways a piece of artwork may exude its beauty: an inviting stretch of sand glistening with wild colors seen only in dreams, a frozen moment in an ethereal Victorian ballet, a petal so real a child cannot help reaching out her small hand to feel it. 1,377 more words

Flower Boys Next Door 이웃집 꽃미남