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The sanctuary of home

His wrinkled skin hangs against
The crispness of the sheets
No decadent surroundings
The darkness of the frosted morning
Blanketed by cotton drapes
Connected to wires that… 133 more words


Love Letters from the Devil at Revolution John

“She writes to me I don’t like it when you elaborate. Less is more. She sends me gap-toothed kisses on dark crickety winds. She calls me… 27 more words

the kinda girl

“the kinda girl”

She’s the kinda girl that walks outside with no shoes on and then forgets to wash her feet before going to bed; the kinda girl who writes psychoeducational assessment-for-intervention reports while watching The Simpsons and then Spongebob; the kinda girl that eats yogurt and fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, grilled chicken for dinner, and an entire bag of chips at midnight; the kinda girl who works out for two hours a day, every day, and then won’t get out of bed for a week. 334 more words

Always and Forever

I want to feel that ache in my bones when a hear a name
I want to feel fingers slide down my shoulders
linger on my bra-straps a silent question I do not answer… 58 more words


Citizens Advice

‘I’ve had some complaints,’ you tell her. ‘People say my hands are cold, but they’re only cold from standing in shopping aisles and rummaging through packages of meat. 195 more words


We knew when

Avoidance only confused us
Trying to keep distance
Yet so much of us
Cried for attention
With mouths closed
It was when we left
The  playgrounds… 26 more words


12 a.m - 6 a.m

Every one was busy outside
and every thing was happening
In this hour of darkness in the city

It was drizzling outside
Almost full moon… 37 more words