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It Was A Hot Muggy Night

It was a hot muggy night.  Most of the town was asleep with the exception of Jade.  She was restless, because she had many worries on her mind, ranging from a family member whose mind slowly faded away into nothingness, and another family member who was struggling to overcome alcoholism.  484 more words

Credit Card debt

The Dental Hygienist

I once loved a dental hygienist. One of the ones who talk to you when your mouth is full of steel and blood and latex, talk about the weather as they drill your numb flesh to the bone. 229 more words

The Musician

I used to date a musician. He sang on-key and hit all the right chords, but he never got a hit. Sometimes we’d be together and I’d hear him ticking like a clock, counting beats below hid breath. 74 more words

The Nature of Romance


She leaned forward to breathe in its aroma, filling her lungs with its alluring scent, and before she knew it they were kissing; the girl and the azalea, the flower and the girl. 148 more words

A True-story Haiku


The real mammoth bone
I found it near the River
A prized possession

( I found it at age ten on the “Ross Place”)



I’m that old, and
even as my hair thins I’m
still trying to figure out
how to style it after
all these years
–still trying to figure out… 57 more words

Free To Speak

There’s a price to pay for looking away,
for hiding your eyes, for walking away,
when someone steps over the line in the sand.
When you fail to speak, though your senses demand… 330 more words

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