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Your Kind of Love

You embrace, as if the word has never done you harm. Your heart remains open even when faced with iron walls.

Your warmth seeps from you to the ungrateful. 33 more words

Creative Writing

Stealing a look

Stealing a look

“This work (in full or in part) may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the author, Katerina Michouli.” 158 more words


Crisp Valleys

Crisp Valleys


Louise Crisp says: she grew up in hard country meaning, she was free to wander. I say: I grew up in soft country meaning, I was free to wonder. 83 more words


Summer In Byron Bay

Summer in Byron Bay

The season is a damp dollar sign. A sign that the humidity is bearable but the traffic is not. A sign that the mould is barely tolerable and the mozzies won’t stop. 102 more words


spider story

nasturtium leaf, folded under, I lift to see
a spider, chalky white torso almost a perfect sphere,
delicate brown stripes segment the sphere, matching white legs— 16 more words


Can you hear her?

Behind closed doors
tears drip down walls
In silence they meander to the floor
No one knows or hears

We suffer in our silence
Keep feelings in our souls… 94 more words


The Poetry of the Tides

The sticky sandy saltiness of a day on the beach clings to my skin, a day spent picking through shells in the wake of a receding tide, of climbing across seaweed-strewn rocks in the hot, blue-sky, sunshiny day. 233 more words

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