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Free Thought Unedited

Morning light, come slay the night. Take these dreams from my sight.

And the Man said, “What do you seek in the darkness’s calm, through tear dropped window panes and quotations of lightning?” 60 more words


The body is only an overgrown appetite. Is it selfish to unroot the legs and reform the limbs?

You should see the way I wake up: quietly, lying, smoking, waiting.

Where are you?


Those Parts - A Poem and some important thoughts

Those Parts (final.1)
There are bare parts
we don’t reveal
even to a lover.
Somewhere should record these parts
just in case we need them… 309 more words


Becoming Something Great

The day was mine, the hours stacked. All I had to do was sail through them. And then I’m invited to lunch. It’s all good. A boy’s got to eat. 50 more words


my dear
my darling
Let the dead
Be dead


Twitter-dee and Twitter-dum

I am now on the twitter. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s almost like the online equivalent to standing on the corner waiting for somebody to honk, if ya know what I mean. 64 more words


See another day

by Tyler Pedersen

The sun
departs –
sparks –
night skies
set ablaze
with stars –
full of wishes.

The sun
returns – 19 more words