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Days Possiblities (Prose)


Holds promise for those who want to grasp

It is not a ring to grasp as a trophy

This day is for you to leave blessings for another… 48 more words

Twelve Years From Now

We were there when the sun shone in just that way that it never will again. We set our hearts on what we knew could never be and ran as the darkness swelled around us. 323 more words

Rae Smith

Woman and Dog(s)

when the dog is born the born is killed in a hand instantly so that no one sees that the dog is born at all, and the woman who watches at night the female dog swollen and wholly heinous something very diabolical strikes her and the woman warms her hands by the fire, the fire tinted with green because the paper burning she put in is not pure and is printed with something that burns greenly, shifting her feet, woman eyes rolling up and down her posit lolling against armchair very crimson like petals some kind of petals vermillion in green light, bless her soul the woman thinks, the dog is born and more is more less and less often but they come out the woman wishing dogs could lay eggs instead of getting themselves impregnated like this now no firewood more so than ever, she must go downstairs outside to the snow the shed in the snow to get such a lack of firewood but more abundances of newspapers half rotten wet, the dog quiet like slugs never making sounds, the woman goes prepares a bucket a cloth a mop some cold water and some boiled one mixed together so forms warmth above frozen she does, she goes about her errands coming back to see newborn pups all five of them the mother desperate and sleepy but warmth in her eyes, the woman takes the pups with closed eyes away gently puts they away in the bucket and goes to sleep leaving the bucket outside.



Red Lips

I saw you today
I think

Red eyes
Red lips
Wind blown hair

And yet I need time
More time
To breathe

My succulents are dying… 26 more words

Things I've Learnt #5

Accepting an apology graciously like an adult is actually really satisfying. Being a sassy-ass hoe when someone you don’t like is the one apologising is also satisfying. 39 more words


brain train

root beer
cream soda
cherry cola
Kola nuts
ginger root
make ginger ale
ginger beer.



fresh cola.


The invisible woman

That morning she woke up with a heaviness in her head. She could not exactly have had a peaceful slumber while he groaned next to her. 223 more words