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Things Junkies Say 2014

So… the other night I was making a run to the store. One of those I-was-just-about-to-take-my-shoes-off runs; fourthmeal time a night. The parking lot is blown out, and of course there’s that one loud weirdo who knows everybody on the curb. 228 more words

Just Here; Informal, Introspective, Informative

Him and Her Series #018

I am utterly saturated with thoughts of you.

They wait eagerly in the back of my mind,

ready to spill out of me into a pen and through a paper, 34 more words



Poetry is not imagined

It is not a past time for the wounded

Or those who are in love at the moment

It can not be for the weak… 79 more words

testing testing

you digital


post my fucking poetry, damn it

so six people can read it

i love each and every one of you, you six lovely people

for doing so

i want to be one of those cool writers, you know,

the ones with big hair and red lips and boobs all over the fuckin place… 65 more words

Poem - Timeless Predictions of Mass Galactic Extinction

Timeless Predictions of Mass Galactic Extinction
By Ali Ahsan
Written on April 8, 2013

Human agendas speak of eruptive galaxies –
Home to the flesh-made deceptions, 69 more words


today is a day unlike most others

today is a day

where i am standing on a thin piece of glass

over the void

looking down

shaking my head

because i am not going to fall into it… 103 more words