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boys from a previous marriage

any word is the memory I have of it.


by Mike Jewett

Colors of flora
Wreathe her head


by Mike Jewett

Honeybee of pollen
Fur covered in delight -

Beacon Hill

by Mike Jewett

Ivy wrapped ’round her hips
She spills into her dress;
Cobblestone path

It's a-free (for an annoyingly short period of time)!

As I’ve already said, my first Novella will not sell. I know that. Which is why I intend to make it free for as long as the Amazon promotions will allow me to, just in the vain hope that I can either: 142 more words



by Mike Jewett

Spackle fills up
Gaping holes left in her psyche -
Umbrellas can’t stop rain

Puffs of Smoke (Puff 2)

The second to last time went even worse. Again, I found myself disoriented in someone else’s bed. But this time, I wasn’t alone and it was morning. 367 more words