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Serengeti Dust: Part 7

‘Serengeti Dust’ is the story of two generations of Blue Wildebeest. A new chapter will be published on Tales from Bokkeley every fortnight. Read Part 1… 650 more words

Short Story

Send Me- 2

Play this song while you read His poetry:

I have seen people delivered and I have seen people healed

I have gained understanding

I have watched demons depart… 201 more words


004 The Hotel

The sand scalds my feet on the walk back. I have never liked the feeling of sand beneath me, the constant shifting and sliding as my weight transfers. 428 more words

The Journey

#3: Electricity

We’re a foot or so away from one another.

Our eyes are locked as the hue of our technicolour environment slowly drains to grey.

My back is pressed against the wall and my breaths come short and fast as your lips move, 403 more words


Strings of spiritual silk

The hugeness of
of an ocean littered with stars
the crossing we fear
over and beyond all else
into that night when our name is called… 70 more words


The People of Brandwell Zoo - Excerpt 4

This is the first of the excerpts I’m including from Brandwell Zoo that is from the humans’ point of view. Several human characters have already been introduced, and the Warden has previously been mentioned, but this is the first time she and Tristan appear. 648 more words

Brandwell Zoo

The Squirrel of the Apocolypse

It’s Oclock ticking away the hours at his security job in the Empire State Building. Oclock’s two jobs, since coming to the new world from Ireland, were both security positions. 999 more words