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the young brother was like a puppy dog, following his older brother

by Anna Sullivan

an ode to the flesh that curled around his bones and beneath a boat
an ode to the flesh stretched across the pavement like smashed berries… 492 more words

Blood and Water - III - Maunday Thursday

this bread
this wine
held in His unwounded hands
given and not yet given
consumed by them and by me
cauterized my wound with another… 75 more words


Sometimes, Part 2

       Some things are easy. Clean hair. Color. Stories. Making something beautiful, and music, and laughing are easy. Bruising is easy.
Some things are hard…

204 more words

The Witch's Memory (revisited) part three

*The third part of The Witch’s Memory is up :-) Enjoy and stay writeous!*

A heaviness perched upon his shoulder
Making him appear several years older… 1,255 more words


On Why I'm Red

If I could be a color
and everything that color was,
I’d be Red.

When I told the man on the
bus that I was Red, 404 more words

Rita Hayworth

17 April 2014

“Good morning Chuck, it’s still cold . When are we going to get some Spring weather?”

“Well it’s better than the rain we had yesterday. 604 more words


Day 17

It goes like this. One minute you’re rolling dumplings
and crowing over inside jokes and then next you’re standing in the foyer
with flour handprints on your jeans as the priest and the cop… 268 more words