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Volatile Visions

A foresight of hindsight
From volatile visions
Sensuous perspective
Not merely sensing but perceiving

The dimension of shadowy depth
A vapour enhaled by sight
In reality a futile volatility… 38 more words


"Last night..."

Last night I dreamed we were lovers

His words made her sit up and pay attention, despite this being her fifth bottle of Budweiser, her ears would have heard a pin drop now. 598 more words



Hard sole against the rail
The night air cold through the trees
Smokers in the back ground
In the park sharing drinks

The train, a black mass of heated machinery closes in… 155 more words


Collapsing Canopy

Hovering over
A sweet canopy of the synthetic
Metal and material

A gliding parasol
A defence from solar downfalls and heavy rains

Arm around
A non-contact force… 23 more words


Soul Vacuum Of Inherent Nature

Your fate is aligned in the cosmic code

Life has already happened, it is just waiting to unfold

Your response to agree is unanimity

Ultimately it is destiny


I Didn't Know Weed Could Do This To Me

I once had a full-blown existential crisis because a character died in a Doctor Who book I was reading.

When time begins to skip by tens and my heart rate by twenties, of course the first thing I remember is that I’m mortal. 608 more words


May You Transaction Your Fate

I only look at the positive
For I know what to relate
I can sense my inheritance
Is far more of an open slate
For I know when I die… 35 more words