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Step into my funnel

Appropriation of the unnatural: this fence post has been taken over by what I think is a sheet-web building grass spider of the genus Agelenopsis… 36 more words



Insect-summer is over. But last week I was in Prospect Park and saw masses of dragonflies over the Butterfly Meadow, in a patch of the Nethermead, and then in two clusters along the Long Meadow. 49 more words



A large clump of leaves in the branches of a tree is often mistaken for a bird nest. It’s actually a drey, or squirrel nest. More specifically, it’s a summer nest. 113 more words


Seen on recent saunters

Beech nuts and the pods they come in on. At another beech tree, this time a stump, some funky fungus.I like the way one of these “organ pipe” mud-dauber-wasp nests follows the arch here. 13 more words


5 lugares de Nova York que vão te surpreender

Não é novidade que a cidade de Nova York é imensa. Todos os seus 5 boroughs oferecem muitas opções de passeio e lugares surpreendentes, porém os guias comuns sempre indicam as mesmas atrações para se visitar: Empire State, Central Park, Estátua da Liberdade… e outros locais que são mais que conhecidos por qualquer pessoa que nunca colocou os seus pés na Big Apple. 277 more words