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The Asmara Con

The bridle path at Prospect Park 

I learned to ride a horse in Brooklyn.

As a teen in the ‘50s I would ride regularly in Prospect Park or Gerritsen Beach renting horses from local stables for a couple of hours.  631 more words


Forecast for an Inch

Or: walk in front of me and you end up in the picture

Where’s the snow? I am waiting.

This painting is from a stormy afternoon walk in Prospect Park. 254 more words


First Snow 2015

They city always looks so fresh and new after a snowfall. That is, until the snow turns to slush and the white fades into the sooty shades of gray.   90 more words


Borough of Raptors

Two Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) drifted overhead of me as I crossed the Terrace Bridge on Saturday, coming from somewhere in the direction of the parking lot now befouling the top of Breeze Hill. 195 more words



The Brown Creeper (Certhia americana) is rare in Brooklyn because its habitat is woodlands. This particular fast-moving specimen challenged my photography skills recently in Prospect Park, characteristically circling up tree trunks and branches in a hopping-like motion as it searched for invertebrate prey. 118 more words


Prospect Park Mulchfest 2015 - we made it onto News 12!


Thanks to the participants that came out to the annual Prospect Park Mulchfest yesterday, despite freezing temperatures! I know it was freezing but it was much better after lunch. 73 more words