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2014 Baby Bombers Top 10: No. 10- Where's Wags?!?

As another eventful year in St. George comes to end, we have a lot to reflect on. From celebrity appearances to breakout performances on the field, the Staten Island Yankees’ 15th season on the Island was eventful to say the least. 450 more words

Gold Mine in Minnesota: The Future Looks as Bright as Gold

Minnesota baseball has always come with a legacy, being the primary team for Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers such as Harmon Killebrew, Kirby Puckett, Joe Mauer, and so on and so fourth. 1,462 more words

2014 Season

Is Technology Taking Future Jobs away?

Many, like Bill Gates, stress the implications technology and robots may have on the job market in the next 20 years or so. Places most at risk are telemarketers with a 99% chance, following that is accountants and auditors at 94% chance. 188 more words


Target Client Focused Brand

Marketing Mix

What is Marketing focused on?

  Consumers collect advice from any expert that sounds reputable, but we purchase from those we trust. If we don’t know anyone in a certain field, we’ll buy from people that our friends (or trusted sources) validate as safe by referral. 279 more words


Wrong answer to the wrong question

Dear Entreprenuers,

the following statement was originally sent to me from ‘Big Al’ Schreiter who is one of the leading marketing gurus in the United States of America. 227 more words

Learning And Growing Network Marketing

Mike Golden And Friends - Keep Movin (December 9th)

This post directly follows the last post about how everything moves. It’s all about keeping that momentum and moving in the direction towards a better place. 197 more words