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Opening Words; Style Is Born, Not Bought.

Before I begin discussing  the clothes themselves…

There is such a difference between style and fashion. Style is much more important.

Many overlap the two words and think If you are dressed “smartly” you must have style, wrong. 479 more words

Update on my peer lending experiment

My grand experiment with peer lending via Prosper.com has lacked the excitement I was expecting. This is mostly due to the fact that I can’t really understand what is going on! 419 more words


Adam, Abraham, Solomon, Joseph, David, Daniel,
Job….I could go all day but all these were all
kingdom men, and all were super wealthy, the
only reason their wealth is not emphasized and… 217 more words


I feel that I haven’t been capable of achieving many things that I have put on my way because bad habits get the best of me sometimes, as they do with many of us. 302 more words

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

BobcatBLUE Pool Cleaning would like to introduce the name and company brand to the three major cities where we do business. Prosper, Celina and Gunter are signing up today! 94 more words