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I love my morning walks.  Where I live here in Minnesota nature abounds.  I believe everything I see on my sojourns has a potential message for me.  12 more words

Dancing The Divine

Wisdom comes out of calm

Better calm than violently angry.

When I deliver to my customers I encounter dogs at the gate.  The difference between losing an arm or getting to the door with a friendly dog in tow is calm and wisdom.  397 more words


The rise of localism

Globalism and central control is coming to an end.

The first of a series of debates on Scottish independence from the UK took place yesterday, the vote for independence takes place next month.  521 more words


Space: The Final Frontier

When I teach a yoga class I invite the students into a pose.  After several breaths I ask the students to go deeper into the pose to see if there is more space available now that they’ve been in the pose for a while.  436 more words


Growing Good Corn by Steve Goodier

James Bender, in his book How to Talk Well, illustrates how it benefits to everyone when we mutually help each other. 512 more words


Claiming My Divine Inheritence

I am on a beach on the bank of the Sacred River.  I have come here this Dark Moon to heal my relationship with money.  I have spent lifetimes in poverty and I am now ready to claim my divine inheritance.  572 more words

Dancing The Divine

Prosperity 3 - Home & Rain

The rain had been thundering down for about two days and showed no signs of stopping. Prosperity sat on the windowsill, half reading her book, half watching the rain.   779 more words