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“10 Million Lightworkers for Financial Freedom” Project is a blog dedicated to learning more about wealth, abundance and the various ways to bring more of both into our everyday lives. 92 more words


Never mind the 7 habits, here are the 8 secrets.. to success!

And so, we reach our half way stage of the 2014 class of New Year’s Resolution Club and so it seems only fitting that we take some time to reflect on a subject that typically, as women and perhaps even more as British women (mostly) we aren’t very good at embracing with open arms – Success! 276 more words

New Years Resolution Club

Is the Law of Attraction Really Magick?

Is the Law of Attraction Really Magick?

My friend Cindy saw the movie The Secret and learned about the Law of Attraction which states that “like attracts like.” So she tried really hard to think positive thoughts all the time. 1,059 more words

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Invest rather than speculate

Investments based on blind faith are likely to ruin you.

I met activists from Green Peace recruiting members at an event today in Colchester.  I said to these activists I would have nothing to do with them because of the disaster where one of their staff… 354 more words


Why Someone Crushes It And Other Person Fail In The Same Business Opportunity

I want to set some people FREE today by reading this. Check this out – have you ever wondered how someone can come into your network opportunity and crush it and then someone else come in and totally bomb the opportunity by never making any money? 392 more words

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