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A New Message From VERONICA

 A Few Words About Destiny

 “In your culture there is great emphasis upon destiny.  It has been described as a foretold plan of life that has already been created by a higher power.   356 more words


How to Lend a Helpful, "Helping Hand" for Improvement, Sustainability and Growth

A great way to help someone is to give a hand up to the ones who are willing to sincerely improve their situation, but without nurturing dependence. 178 more words

Jodi Nicholson

Creating Your Own Reality

This is an excerpt from Ellen Dye’s November newsletter.


Creating Your Own Reality—

How’s That Working for You? 2,493 more words


If You Can Breathe, You Can Prosper (Sunday's Sermon)

Yes, it’s a fact, and in this Sunday’s sermon, I intend to explain why.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. On Saturday night, don’t forget to set your clock back.

Unity In Silver Spring

Why Being More Clear On Your Vision Can Set You Free

What is the meaning of vision? To me vision is the first step toward creating an improved future in developing the ability to envision it. In this video below, you will get a better understanding that if you are more clear on your vision, it can set you free. 131 more words

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