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That feeling of no one understanding

I’ll consider this to be that infrequent post where I dump my feelings at the moment for those that are in the same boat and need that hand on their shoulder. 394 more words

Wayward Ramblings

Tamarack to Exhibit at OTWorld 2014 International Congress

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies (Minneapolis, MN USA) is excited to announce the company will be actively participating in the OTWorld 2014 International Congress, May 13 to 16th in Leipzig, Germany. 432 more words

Tamarack News

5 areas in Robotics that will transform society and their economic impact

If you have been hearing about Thomas Piketty’s ‘must read’ book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, you might have heard one of his central tenets is that economic growth is driven by deep structural factors related to demographics and technology rather than policy changes. 1,780 more words

Machine Economy

'Bionic Man': The Future of Prosthetics is Already Here

Prosthetics is something worth keeping an eye on in the next few years, because there is a theme and a trend that is starting to emerge in that area. 283 more words


An Inspirational Story

I was hoping to get this done earlier today so I could have a more timely release that coincided with the Boston Marathon, but well it took longer than I thought. 416 more words