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A lady went to store to buy a parrot and asked the sale’s man,”What’s so special about the parrot?”
Sale’s man says the parrot can talk so the lady asks the parrot, “How do I look? 160 more words


Granny Escort

As one of the oldest “practitioners” of the world’s oldest “profession,” 85-year-old Sheila Vogel-Coupe would have good reason to retire. But she’s “digging in her heels.” 1,151 more words


Love Is Colder Than Death

"They're letting me go today."
- Bruno
"I don't know what you plan to do when they let you go. You can come to
us if you like. 77 more words

Day fourty-one: Stoner

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You were born on a small island in Greece.

The day was cloudy and your mother screamed for hours.

A Hundred Days Of Writing

Chi Chi, the Naughty Panda

This innocuous panda quietly munching on some bamboo leaves inspired the internationally recognized logo of the World Wildlife Fund. Sir Peter Scott, one of the founders of the WWF suggested that the cute cuddly bears would be a big hit with the public. 272 more words

11 Questions From A Craigslist Prostitute

With internet, the oldest profession on this planet has thrived.

What I imagine to once have been out of a brothel in the wild west has come to your fingertips. 324 more words

Weird Fact Of The Day 07/23/2014

In Moldova, items such as bathroom cleaning implements, orthodontic appliances, pickled fish and feminine yeast infection medications are all considered thoughtful gifts to what you might consider an especially skilled prostitute.

Weird Fact Of The Day