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Driven To Distraction

Several weeks ago I received an e-mail from a young woman in response to an advertisement placed by me on the internet in which I asked for ladies interested in providing massage to get in touch. 435 more words

Its All About The Men

An interesting perspective on prohibitionism (the view that sex work should be abolished by criminalising the clients of sex workers), http://www.cliterati.co.uk/2014/04/all-about-the-men/

''How could you be so stupid?'' (The Mother's Sins Episode 13)

When James noticed the boy he immediately realized that Emma’s problem had something to do with him. As James was walking inside the house Matthew’s eyes were following his every step. 862 more words


''My mom is a prostitute'' (The Mother's Sins Episode 9)

”I can’t tell you.”, Matthew said as he cried heavily, teardrops running down his innocent face. Emma felt scared seeing the state that the boy was in. 632 more words


Who Said It: A Prostitute 100 Years Ago Or A Modern Day Woman?

“Few men ever give a thought to what will become of the woman. Women must fall. Women must suffer. Women must be punished for their fall. 678 more words

TBR Challenge: When Bruce Met Cyn by Lori Foster

The Theme: Contemporary romance.

What tickled me: A sexy, celibate, preacher hero is hard to resist.

What ticked me off: Skanky villains. Torso-less heroine. And the heroine’s name: sub-tle. 558 more words


So.. heres a picture of me, at the agency I will be working at next week. Yes, its pretty explicit. (Sorry ^^) This is a high class agency, and charge high, but i still only receive half. 98 more words

Call Girl