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Prostitution, trafficking and a whole lot of legislation

I used to be a debater – professionally, not just in my personal life! I debated all through school and when I went to university I became President of Leeds University’s debating society. 1,023 more words

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Open Letter To Canadian Politicians In Support Of The Nordic Model

A letter to the leaders of Canada’s political parties in support of the Nordic Model has garnered 858 signatures, http://feministcurrent.com/8915/open-letter-in-support-of-adopting-the-nordic-model-in-canada-garners-over-800-signatures/. For those unacquainted with the Nordic Model, the system criminalises the purchasers of sexual services but not the providers, the concept underpinning it being that women do not enter sex work voluntarily, they are exploited persons who require to be saved from prostitution. 197 more words

Rapid Growth of Population in the Philippines

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Rebecca Plays A Sex Worker

After working with Melissa on “pURe” as “Anais” in 2012 , I jumped at the chance to work with Melissa again. “pURe” was an incredible experience. 207 more words

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Ran Gavrieli On Why He Stopped Watching Porn

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Mrs. Warren's Profession gives perspective to prostitution and female opportunity in Downtown Eastside production

Mrs. Warren’s Profession, a play that frankly discusses prostitution and the definition of the modern woman, opened in the Downtown Eastside last night to a sold-out show. 519 more words

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