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Girls on TV

And I don’t mean “girls” as in the smaller, more-or-less innocent versions of fully grown females, I mean “girls” as in females between the drinking age in America and those who fall within the category of the “grown-n-sexy,” on TV. 930 more words

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The Importance of a Relatable Protagonist

In an earlier post, I explored several hypotheses on why men don’t read (as much as we used to). I briefly touched on why having a protagonist readers can relate to is important. 992 more words

Craft Talk

How to Create Multi-Dimensional Characters---Everybody Lies

Back in the Spring we started talking about ways to create multi-dimensional characters. Then I probably saw something shiny and, in case you are wondering? NO, I can’t catch the red dot. 1,425 more words

We Are Not Alone

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Kristen Lamb knows how to make a writer pause. And think. She never fails to make me think. This time she's delving into what makes a multi-dimensional character. No hero/heroine is always good and no antagonist is pure evil (although it's fun to write them that way). If you're struggling with your characters, give this blog post a thorough read. Then go over to her site and read more of her articles.

#Interview on #TheWordBite blog

Here’s an excerpt from my interview with the word bite team.

Let’s Talk: with Summerita Rhayne, The Author of Hidden Passion

We are in conversation with Summerita Rhayne, The Author of Hidden Passion, where she talk about her new book and much more things.                     1,095 more words

Book Spotlight

Writing Tips: How well do you know your protagonist?

The Protagonist.  The character whom you breathe life into, colour their world with your words, give them light and shade.  I have been reading about the more technical structure and conformity used in writing fiction and one of the prevailing themes is the importance of  a strong protagonist.   427 more words


Functions of Dynamic Pairs

Functions of Dynamic Pairs





Archetypal pairs represent a broad analogy to a human mind dealing with a problem. 97 more words


How To Ruin Your Protagonist's Day

by Lillian Csernica on January 26, 2015

We all know the feeling.  We sit down at our keyboards to do the day’s writing, and there’s nothing in our heads but white noise.  624 more words