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Vampires, Dicks and Scouts: 3 Heroes

Dracula, Marlowe and Scout. Oh my. A bloodsucker, an SOB and a kid. A true range of characters, that is. Proof that when it comes to heroes, anything goes. 463 more words

In the service of the hero(ine)

Ah, decisions, decisions…

What is better?

a . a very powerful finale that provides a huge hook for other stories, but requires heavy reliance on… 177 more words



Jaaaaaaaaaa richtig, heute ist schon Dienstag, aber man hat ja eine Woche Zeit, um die Montagsfrage von libromanie zu beantworten…und die lautet diese Woche wie folgt: 45 more words


Why Your Character Is Boring

Welcome to the first post of a five part series on simple (but maybe not so obvious) tips to make our stories better.  They’ll be applicable to most of us no matter what we’re writing, though some people will find that certain posts are more relevant than others.  470 more words

Writing Tip: Write a Catchy First Paragraph

Writing Tip: Write a Catchy First Paragraph

In today’s fast-moving world, the first sentence of your narrative should catch your reader’s attention with the unusual, the unexpected, an action, or a conflict. 171 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

The Protagonist: The Most Important Guy and the Reason's Why

When a reader picks up your tale, you want them to become invested. When you pick up a book, don’t you yourself want to relate in some way to what you are reading? 204 more words

On Writing


There are a lot of character questionnaire on the internet, many boldly stating that they are the ultimate. What I’ve discovered the generally means, is the more questions there are, the better the questionnaire must be. 742 more words