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Meet the Protagonist

As is made obvious by our home page, Lily is the protagonist in our book.  Because she is so important (I believe there would be a problem if our main character wasn’t important), we have decided to write a post about her. 513 more words


The Dense And Pathetic Protagonist

I’m not sure if it has been a trend of late or long ago, but when I am watching certain movies or reading fiction, the protagonist appears to be so hollow of brain cells. 475 more words


You're Not The Main Character (And It's going to be OK)

If you’re a twenty-something and not binging on Netflix, Hulu Plus, or a website that illegally streams shows at least three times a week, I question your sanity–like, are you REALLY keeping it all together mentally? 821 more words

What makes a good Antagonist?

I don’t know about you, but I do like writing Antagonists. This isn’t because I like the dark side, but because it feels like a safe adventure where I get to lose control, and try to find a solution to the problems the Antagonist may evoke. 248 more words

Building a cast – part one

The characters in novels tend to be the starting point from which the story evolves; beginning in some cases with just a name and trait, or an event revolving around that one protagonist, and from there the idea begins to unfurl. 367 more words

Novel Journal

Protagonist silk pants

Silk pants by Protagonist. Wide leg. Pleated. Unique horizontal seam detail below the knee. Available in navy and ivory. Made in New York City, USA. 11 more words

Made In USA

Vampires, Dicks and Scouts: 3 Heroes

Dracula, Marlowe and Scout. Oh my. A bloodsucker, an SOB and a kid. A true range of characters, that is. Proof that when it comes to heroes, anything goes. 463 more words