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Flynn's Journey

To write a great script, you must create a gripping protagonist.  And to write a gripping protagonist, you must know the character as well as you know yourself. 278 more words


Dorothy Parker's "Horsie"

Dorothy Parker’s short story, “Horsie” is commonly read as a critique of social bias for the beautiful and prejudice against the unattractive. Heroin, Miss Wilmarth, is an unsightly nurse employed by Gerald and Camilla Cruger. 1,850 more words


Silent/Limited Vocabulary Hero

Last week I did some poetry about various hero types that connected to Superman and still had a few more heroes that came to mind.  They didn’t fit into his history, so I’m going to discuss them over the course of this week.  519 more words


The Protagonist and the Viewpoint

With the chronology, character maps and theme written down, we now have everything we need to tell us what the story is. Now we’re going to move on to the question of how to tell it. 929 more words


Here's why my book sucks and so does yours

My book was recently read by a handful of test readers. As soon as they’d finished, naturally, I asked them what they thought. All of them liked the beginning, the end and my cool descriptions, but aside from this, they told me that they “didn’t know”. 335 more words


How To Throw A Party!

If there’s anything I know how do excellently, it’s how to cry in fetal position. In close second is how to throw a party…a Pity Party! 507 more words

Character Questionnaire - The Preachers Son

Here are the instructions I followed for this post. It is about the protagonist or hero.

Answer these questions as quickly as possible, writing down the first thing that comes into your mind? 1,195 more words