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Kay: Step into This

Our characters move through an arc, changing as they resolve the conflicts, solve the problems, and overcome the challenges that they encounter. One way we can show character change is to show behavioral changes. 546 more words

Character Development

The Power of Storytelling Part Three: The 7 Steps of Character Development

“If conflict drives drama, then what drives the character is inner conflict.” – Adam Lebor

In the first session of Adam Lebor’s storytelling course, we covered the…

703 more words
On Writing

PTP Week 05

Every hero needs a hero’s crest or emblem. Pertaining to my comic book, I have to design a symbol for my protagonist. This seems like a small problem in the overall scope of the project but battles can be fought one at a time. 208 more words



This is something that all authors struggle with sometimes, because each author has to ask how much punishment their protagonist can handle.

If you are a thriller writer with a super strong good guy surrounded by gunfire sometimes and tough fights… it really makes you think. 418 more words


The Villian is Human

I started writing more about my villain today.

I feel like I have totally gotten into his head, and understand why he does the things he does. 195 more words

The Protagonist Takes The Stage

Trigger Warnings – Body image, challenging philosophies meaning this article is not for those unwilling to consider new ideas

The other day, I put up a status on my personal Facebook account about Cat from Red Dwarf and his reasoning as to why the world revolves around him. 1,495 more words

The World

#NaNoPrep 5: Meet your protagonist

Stories are, at their heart, about people. Your story is about one person in particular, and I have no idea who that is. You may have no idea who that is, which I hope is fine because I have no idea who mine is either. 341 more words


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