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Meet Gina. Protagonist. Splinters of the Soul.

This is at least my fourth attempt at writing about Gina. Never got a proper groove going with the others so I guess they can’t be diamonds all the time, can they? 533 more words


Liebster Award Ten Questions on my WIP

First and foremost I would like to thank you all for this award! It is an honor! I’m flabbergasted, I’m stupefied, I’m out of my mind with happiness! 958 more words


A letter from nobody

Wounded by black ink
the white sheet now spoke
“Our story was well,
but I’m lost in myself…”
so slowly it burned without hope

And it turned to a scrap… 19 more words


The only two things your protagonist needs to be...

by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

What makes an effective protagonist? There are a lot of theories out there that list a number of critical characteristics, but I think they confuse an effective… 804 more words


Stupid Girls

I’ve been giving some thought to the role models I had in my teens, and whether young women today have similar or very different ones. British culture has definitely changed in the last fifteen to twenty years, and it concerns me to think about the influence of that culture on young people in their formative years. 742 more words

Ghosts Of Winter

Rice shower - the dark hitman.

He is a antagonist. He was also a protagonist. He is a great side character. He is also the main character. He played heel role. He also played hero’s role. 698 more words


Analyising Brick - The Film

In lessons we have been watching the neo-noir film Brick to gain a deeper understanding of the neo-noir genre and narrative features. We were given a neo-noir convention each and had to try and apply these conventions to the film whilst watching it. 331 more words