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09 Ptp: Reframing the Question(s)

Project Scope:

My project is to create a comic book about an 8 year old boy with bad academic scores. When confronted by an elderly man, he is given the choice to receive a superhuman ability. 452 more words


Storytelling: beyond books

Okay, I’ve hit the dreaded reader’s block. Gone has defeated me.

You know you have reader’s block when everything else in the world is much more interesting than continuing to read that book. 580 more words


Protagonist of a Plotless Story

I am tired of being
The protagonist
Of a plotless story,
So I have decided to depart
From society’s search
For livelihood and glory.


Hi, I'm Miriam!

Miriam is a freelance artist.
Miriam showed me her works and her atelier.
Miriam’s atelier is really nice. (Oh yes, the light was just a-w-e-s-o-m-e!) 61 more words

Hi! I'm...

The Almighty Chaotic Kanquerer of Everything West until it Goes Around Three Hundred Sixty Degrees

Try saying the title of this post ten times in a row, quite the mouthful. Lengthy and confusing title aside, when I watch anime or read manga I have a stringent set of criteria that I evaluate the protagonist on which ultimately decides whether or not I will watch. 266 more words


Meet Gina. Protagonist. Splinters of the Soul.

This is at least my fourth attempt at writing about Gina. Never got a proper groove going with the others so I guess they can’t be diamonds all the time, can they? 533 more words


Liebster Award Ten Questions on my WIP

First and foremost I would like to thank you all for this award! It is an honor! I’m flabbergasted, I’m stupefied, I’m out of my mind with happiness! 958 more words