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Why neither National or Labour will solve child poverty

More growth – or more redistribution. These are the two main themes offered into the child poverty debate by parties across the political spectrum in New Zealand. 289 more words

Ewen McQueen

WOS - Ohio School District Arms Teachers - Wide Open Spaces

A school district in Ohio has decided to arm its teachers to protect against active shooters. This is a huge step in protecting our children. Read about it here. 8 more words


Winston pathetic on ISIS

Winston Peters shouldn’t bother turning up at an ANZAC Day parade again. His statement today that New Zealand should not provide any help in fighting ISIS because it might make us a target for terrorist attacks was pathetic. 162 more words

Ewen McQueen

Allow children to take risks

It is easy to blame the psychology major in me but I recognize that my desire to understand and study human thinking and behaviors goes back a long way. 385 more words

Best Practice

Key at his best - Campbell Live interview

The Prime Minister’s interview on Campbell Live last Monday showed him at his best. It was a relaxed and thoughtful John Key finally being given the space to speak with some depth, rather than the usual campaign slogans and sound-bites. 221 more words

Ewen McQueen

For people who think it's okay, it's most indefinably not okay

There are so many perverted people out there these days, we’ve all seen them on television while grabbing a cold refreshing drink and that nice tasty bag of nacho flavored potato chips. 483 more words


Aussies will fight terrorism - will we?

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot announced today that special forces troops and fighter jets would be deployed to fight ISIS in Iraq. The decision was made after a request for help from the US and was fully supported by the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. 146 more words

Ewen McQueen