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Human Strength and Frailty

We are so strong. We can endure some amazing things. Listen to older people tell stories of endurance, and I don’t mean the ones where they say they walked uphill 26 miles to school and uphill 26 miles back again. 928 more words

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Data

Protect your data- recent credit card breachs highlight the need to safeguard your personal information.

As the data hacking of major retailers’s customer information starts to fade away into the background of everyday life, you maybe tempted to let your guard down. 314 more words

Apollo Retail

M&M’s for security?

About 10 years ago I wrote an article on the cyber-security of systems. This article was the direct result from a project I ran that made it possible to hold national elections via the Internet. 621 more words


Madea's Witness Protection (DVD)

Madea’s back in an all-new movie! When a clueless Wall Street CFO gets made the fall guy for a mafia Ponzi scheme, he becomes a government witness and a moving target. 156 more words

What's in a… DILF? The daddy appeal

Brad Pitt started it all, but Orlando Bloom put a lid on it. DILF became an online reality before you even knew it. The male equivalent of a MILF took shape right before the incredulous eyes of bachelors everywhere and the urban dictionaries made it official. 514 more words

Behind The Scenes

On Case of 4 27 X 85 Boat Fenders

The first step to sailboat docking is to approach the dock at a shallow angle while fully in control of the boat. The boat must be at a minimal level upon approaching the dock to avoid the sailboat from bumping the dock. 289 more words

Video Tutorials

This was a fun assignment.  I am really looking forward to the final video!  Working on taking shots and videos this weekend of puppies, training and bite work!

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