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7. Advanced Translation and Protein Synthesis

Learning Intentions:

Discuss major stages in translation including the role of the ribosome and tRNA
Describe the structure of tRNA
Describe protein synthesis and explain the importance of the processes involved… 295 more words


6. The Ribosome & Introduction to Translation

Learning Intentions:
Describe the structure and function if the ribosome
Describe major steps in translation

Success Criteria:
Describe the ribosome as an RNA catalyst made if two parts… 229 more words


5. Advanced Transcription

Learning Intentions:
Provide a detailed account of transcription

Success Criteria:
Name enzymes involved with transcription
Describe splicing of mRNA
Describe and give the function of the polyA tail and 5′ cap…
383 more words


4. Transcription

Learning intentions:
Describe the process and purpose of transcription

Success Criteria:
Describe important steps in the process of transcription
Explain the significance of transcription
Define triplet…
302 more words


Betaine to Improve Body Composition and Performance

I was again on Super Human Radio with Carl Lenore discussing the use of betaine to improve health and performance in both athletes and everyday people alike.   90 more words