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Fat Loss and Diet Basics (Part 3): Is A High Protein Diet Safe?

In Part Two of this series, I highlighted the importance of a higher protein intake to maintain lean mass when dieting, and the positive impact it has on general health. 580 more words

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Fat Loss and Diet Basics (Part 2): Why Protein?

In the first installment of this series, I gave the basic steps needed to find caloric intake required for loss of body fat. In this installment we will go a step further and examine why protein is of utmost importance while dieting. 732 more words

Nutrition And Diet

A virus (Latin for “poison”) is a microscopic infectious entity that manipulates host cells to survive, often causing adverse effects in the host when infected. Viruses are responsible for some of the worst and most well-known diseases, including AIDS and hepatitis. 552 more words

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The Fat Loss Diet Part IIb – Protein, Meal Frequency and Getting Jacked

What will we cover today?

We’ll be putting the final piece in the puzzle for optimising protein intake with regards to meal frequency, protein quantity per meal, and protein sources.   1,244 more words


Biochemistry Demystified (by Sharon Walker, 2006)

The book covers basic biochemical concepts as well as cellular structures and components.  “Biology Demystified” explains the structure and biological significance of the major classes of biology macro molecules, like proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids. 139 more words

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Biochemistry (by Mary K. Campbell, 2011)

This Biochemistry book reflects the most recent developments in molecular cloning, stem cell research, virology and immunology. The latest book edition is ideal for those studying biochemistry for the first time as it balances scientific detail with readability. 169 more words

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Molecular Biology: Principles and Practice (by Michael Cox, 2011)

“Molecular Biology: Principles and Practice” is not the standard textbook you have used to read while preparing for your biology classes. The book tries to combine the science of molecular biology with the historical facts about the science discoveries and the involved researchers. 156 more words

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