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Nutrient availability can cause whole-genome recoding

The availability of a trace nutrient can cause genome-wide changes to how organisms encode proteins, report scientists from the University of Chicago in PLoS Biology… 835 more words

At The Bench

Protein Synthesis Game

>>> By Kayla Mazzolin.

This game is great to use as a review tool for students enrolled in SBI 4U. It applies to the Protein Synthesis chapter of the Molecular Genetics unit and addresses expectations D2.1, D2.4, D3.2 and D3.3. 361 more words


Do Fitbit wristbands work?

I am currently recovering from a left hip arthroscopy, with a left shoulder arthroscopy looming up, so I have been trying to find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite not being able to exercise as I have been previously used to. 1,133 more words


Life Sciences: Protein Synthesis


This is a post on protein synthesis which at first I did not understand at all but I tried to study it differently. Hopefully this helps some of you. 451 more words


Post Workout Oatmeal Banana Cookies

A high carbohydrate, high protein and low or fat free meal within 20-30 minutes of finishing your workout will maximize glycogen replenishment and protein synthesis.  This means a quick recovery, less soreness (yes please!) and enhanced performance for the next time you hit the gym. 178 more words


First off, what exactly is a ‘protein’? 391 more words


The 'Graphic Art' of Reviewing Protein Synthesis

Another fantastic example of how visual notes can work to enhance learning! Year 12 Biology students were asked to create a cartoon to depict their understanding of transcription and translation. 28 more words