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Overproduction of proteins may contribute to Neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s Disease

Image Source: Gerd Altman

A recently published study by Martin et al. may have determined why a certain gene mutation in an causes neurotoxicity in Parkinson’s Disease. 145 more words

The Importance of Sleep

  Do you burn the candle at both ends? Quite often training hard in your sport or in the gym is quite often balanced with a hard working attitude in the rest of your life. 349 more words

The basics of composting

Are you interested in starting your own compost pile at home? Here are a few tips and facts to get you started. Compost is rich in nutrients, breaks down tough clay soils, and also helps soil retain water. 467 more words

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Introduction to the Role of Leucine for Recovery

Resistance type training elicits the oxidation of the amino acid leucine. This has consequently shown to decrease plasma and serum concentrations by approximately 30% (Mero, 1999). 251 more words

Strength Nutrition

Nutrient Timing and the Post Exercise Window

This literature review aims to recognise nutrient-nutrient interactions and its possible implications in modulating protein synthesis, and hypertrophic responses to intensive type training. The two main nutrients that require specific focus are protein and carbohydrates, as they are generally found in high quantities in meals following post exercise that have been known to initiate the adaptive responses to facilitate muscular repair (Kerstick et al, 2008). 890 more words


Publish Paper Review 1-Exercising and Synthesis in Muscles (Workout under the skin) by Shiv Shiv

The purpose of the review is to relay to one how muscle protein turnover is regulated in humans during strenuous physical activities and how it is affected by environmental factors, such as nature of nutrients, the natural differences between males and females, the rate of production of proteins and getting older. 529 more words