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MGM Seeks Quell to Woes | Tartuffe's Folly, or Words of Redemption for Our Dear Prometheus

I am, once again, in Medicaid Hell. Not Purgatory. Hell! Hell, I tell you!We here have all been dealing with the same issue since August 1: that is, that both the interested and disinterested representatives of the Wake County Medicaid office, UNC Memorial Hospital, and Marklewood.  121 more words


Oops! We did it again!

Monash Council has proposed to sell the site where the Oakleigh Sunday Rotary Market operates.  This has caused an uproar among community members! The ‘Save Oakleigh Rotary Market Group’ organised a rally on Sunday October 19 at Hanover Street Site to protest against this proposal. 108 more words

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Freedom Summit to reignite Black Power | The Stringer

Freedom Summit to reignite Black Powerby Gerry GeorgatosOctober 24th, 2014Arrernte Elder, Rosalie Kunoth-MonksEnd of November hundreds of the most senior Elders and legitimate leaders of their peoples will gather in Alice Springs for the Freedom Summit. 64 more words


Lion Rock - Hong Kong

In English the sign on top of Lion Rock translates as “I want true votes’.

Earlier today the police removed the sign by helicopter. The significance of the Lion Rock (besides being Lion shaped rock) can be read here – … 49 more words


Chris Graham on editing New Matilda: 'I have pissed off a lot of people' | Media | theguardian.com

Chris Graham readily admits he is a “hard bastard” and claims to love all the high-stakes drama that surrounds his journalism.On Thursday morning two of the scoops he published on his independent website New Matilda were the subject of two separate court cases involving anonymous sources.Professor Barry Spurr on Thursday dropped legal action to force New Matilda to reveal source of emails. 82 more words


Taking a stand...

In the news this week…

“What the hell has happened to Renee Zellwegers face?”

“Our favourite chubby singleton denies plastic surgery”

Now firstly, I never received the memo for when Renee Zellwegers face became public property, and I wasn’t aware she had to apply for permission to have surgery (or not as the case may be!). 836 more words

Maximus Rally: Protest Planned For Cleburne Officer Who Shot Pit Bull

CLEBURNE – Let the protests begin. Nope, were not talking about Ferguson. It’s a shooting in Cleburne that has folks in an uproar. A rally is planned for Saturday, demanding that a cop who shot and killed a pet pit bull be fired. 249 more words