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Hundreds protest UD's harrasment policy

In a recent article on Delaware Online author Esteban Parra brings our focus to a group of UD students of about 300 in number who gathered in front of Memorial Hall this afternoon to protest the schools current harassment policy, due to the recent accusations of a professor at the University. 123 more words


People's Climate March

“What I stand for is what I stand on” Wendell Berry

This weekend heads of state from around the world are meeting in New York to discuss climate change. 111 more words


Students protest bystander training program

Davidson College students have taken to the streets in opposition of a new program that calls on bystanders who witness sexual assault to get involved and put a stop to it. 246 more words


Saving the CJS, one protocol at a time ...


Following a discussion on the SUKJ Facebook page as to what defence lawyers can do, I’ve had a bash at a ‘Protocol’ that all defence lawyers can sign up to as to how cases should be conducted. 2,559 more words

It's Great To See Handicapped Americans Finally Standing Up To People Using Their Bathroom Stalls

By Josh Selway

In seventh grade, a new boy moved to my school. His name was Gilbert Cornbelt. Right off the bat, it was apparent Gilbert was shy, which is understandable for someone in a new environment. 639 more words

Uber suffers yet another setback in Europe with France's new "anti-Uber" law

In a move certain to make Travis Kalanick stare out a window while dispassionately smoking a long cigarette, France has passed a new law meant to make it harder for companies like Uber to convince potential riders that they should use a car-on-demand service instead of hailing a cab. 337 more words