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The King is dead. Long live the Queen ...

The 28th January marks the anniversary of the death of Henry VIII in 1547. The English king is most often remembered for his six wives, but this notoriety can often overshadow the fact that his thirty six year reign had a substantial impact on British History in the Middle Ages.

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Catholics Do Not Worship Statues And Images

Even in our modern times where every information can be verified in an instant, Protestants are still accusing Catholics of worshiping statues and images. Their only evidence for doing so is when they witness a Catholic kneeling or kissing an image of a saint. 209 more words


Kisses from Jesus

A week or so ago I found myself sort of….well discouraged with my journey.  I felt like I was in no-man’s land.  I asked St. Therese to pray for me and if possible to send me a sign. 841 more words



Whatever happened to the “battle a day” scenario set out by Peter in 2007?

The “Frankenstein monster political contraption” which was initiated in 1998 has turned into “A walkover a day” for IRA/MI5. 148 more words


Nietzsche on Sexuality, Part I

Photo (1882): Nietzsche (right) with Paul Rée (center) and Lou Salomé (left).  Nietzsche is said to have “carefully arranged the scene in every detail.”[1]

A bitter lifelong bachelor, Nietzsche proposed marriage numerous times to the psychoanalyst Lou Salomé who, for her part, found herself more interested in Nietzsche’s friend Paul Rée, a degenerate gambler and philosopher of a banal and clumsy naturalism.   630 more words


not enough

I honestly think one of the worst feelings in the world is doing all you can and still not being “enough”. And recently I have felt it. 862 more words

By the Book (or: How I Pray in Winter)

I have what in the past was called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Though now seen merely as a seasonal symptom of several conditions, this modified diagnosis doesn’t ultimately change the situation for myself or many friends. 918 more words