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This is a very unfortunate verdict but expected. “GRAND JURY DECLINES TO INDICT OFFICER IN FERGUSON SHOOTING”. The grand jury declined Darren Wilson to be charged in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown and it has emotionally outraged African American communities, country-wide. 326 more words

Mothers in Ferguson brought to tears over violence after grand jury decision

FERGUSON, Missouri (PIX11) – After Ferguson erupted in violence after a grand jury decided not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, some mothers took to the streets to try and talk to seemingly misguided teens. 17 more words


The State of Missouri Got What It Wanted. All I Got Was a Case of the Sadz.

It took three and a half million minutes last night for the DA to slip in the words “no bill” somewhere. I’m still not even 100% sure where. 598 more words

Legal Cases

To Burn or Not to Burn (The Flag) (In Protest)

Something struck me as quite interesting tonight… individuals lashing out at protesters in Ferguson who are burning the American flag. I feel as if these people have every right to burn the flag. 220 more words


Movements: Ferguson

I have thought about blogging this for awhile now.  I didn’t know if anything I said would be of any interest to anyone.  That is not what this is about though, is it?  1,075 more words

End Racism



Stand, patriots, stand;

Hold up your hand

Fingers held wide

To grasp your rights inside

And hold them close to your heart. 201 more words


Loving Earth Is Saving Earth, Protesting Is Pushing It Farther Away

Do you really think that you are doing right when you are protesting?

I recently understood that one shouldn’t protest ‘against’ something but that one must ‘stand up’ for what one believes in. 1,039 more words