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All that glitter ain’t gold
And I don’t give a damn what he say she say
There ain’t no realness to be told
And honestly that is the problem these days… 347 more words

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Ukraine Today: Wives of Russian soldiers protest the policy of disinformation ‪#‎RussiainvadedUkraine

Relatives of Russian soldiers are protesting against the Russian authorities for the information blackout which has stopped them from finding out if they are still alive. 42 more words


#Myanmar #Burma #WinCho and #WaiLu #sentenced to #three #months in #prison

Win Cho and Wai Lu have been sentenced to three months in prison for violating Burma’s controversial Right to Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession Act, after staging a rally without prior permission from local authorities. 18 more words


PODCAST ALERT: Does protesting work in 2014

Podcast alert! Check out the latest episode of Mindstream Radio! On this episode we discuss “Black rage” and whether or not Protesting is effective in 2014. 14 more words

For Men

Martin, Brown and so many more ...

The following questions were asked after the Trayvon Martin killing:
1. Does the state of Florida need better laws?
2. Was it racial injustice?

My answer was of course both. 168 more words


Food for Thought-How To Have Your Own Sit Down Magical Protest

How to Have Your Own Magical Sit Down Protest

  1. Choose Your Issue
  2. Remember Your Issue
  3. Put Your Issue Back In the Deck
  4. Find a Place to Sit
  5. Is this Your Issue?
Food For Thought

T.I. Pens Insightful Open Letter to Ferguson

As innocent protesters and media are pelted with rubber bullets, tear gassed and arrested in Ferguson, Mo, celebrities like John Legend, Jessie Williams and T.I. are speaking out about the atrocities being committed against Blacks. 695 more words