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The bombing of Gaza must stop, but so should the pornographication of the victims.

When it comes to Israel indiscriminately killing Palestinian civilians in Gaza, there are times when doing nothing is more constructive than doing something.

I’ll preface this article by saying that my knowledge of the tension and conflicts that have occurred between Palestine and Israel is insufficient. 1,432 more words


Veganarchism and Emma Goldman.

Anarchy has a bad rap. Too many people conflate the ideas illustrated in anarchism with chaos. So much so, current hollywood blockbusters and deodorants use the name to sell more consumer goods. 544 more words


Protests in the dark...

I watch as a protest pops up outside the CTV building on Queen West. It was mostly muslim women (and a few men) who were protesting the lack of media coverage concerning the Burmese regime’s killing of minority groups and Muslims. 316 more words


About Those Ads

To: Liberty Mutual Insurance

You are about the sleaziest ever with your tv commercials hinging your company to the Statue of Liberty! You know you can’t film on the premises so you think you’ve beaten the system by posing your hucksters standing against a railing or on a boat with Lady Liberty oh-so-visible in the background. 48 more words


Want to protest violently? Come to South Africa!

Are you tired of settling for boring, peaceful protesting?

Is your first-world government forcing you to demonstrate in a mature, responsible manner?

Do you yearn to be a lawless agent of anarchy? 509 more words

South Africa

Protesting Sucks & So Do You

A protest over the conflict in Gaza got heated and a little crazy yesterday in downtown Calgary, Alberta.
Hundreds of Palestinian supporters on one side and a handful of Israeli supporters on the other. 233 more words