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Food for Thought-How To Have Your Own Sit Down Magical Protest

How to Have Your Own Magical Sit Down Protest

  1. Choose Your Issue
  2. Remember Your Issue
  3. Put Your Issue Back In the Deck
  4. Find a Place to Sit
  5. Is this Your Issue?
Food For Thought

T.I. Pens Insightful Open Letter to Ferguson

As innocent protesters and media are pelted with rubber bullets, tear gassed and arrested in Ferguson, Mo, celebrities like John Legend, Jessie Williams and T.I. are speaking out about the atrocities being committed against Blacks. 695 more words

Missouri Madness!

  • Ferguson, Missouri is engulfed in intense protesting/turned rioting and with the civil unrest, it doesn’t appear it will diminish anytime soon. Michael Brown, an 18 year old teenager, was gun down, execution style, by a police officer after “allegedly” struggling with Brown over a weapon Tuesday, August 17 but if you have viewed the surveillance video, you are aware of the truth.
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Fighting Fire

Dr. Robert Reich recently told us that he had received a message from a manager at a large (unnamed) insurance company:

“Today I was asked by top management to dictate the following terms to my employees: “For restroom breaks you should average less than seven minutes per day or 1.5 % of your total work day; this should be approximately nine minutes per day if you work a ten hour day.” I was also instructed to inform them that lunches would be shortened by fifteen minutes.
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Think about it ...

Blacks have a 375-year history on this continent: 245 involving slavery, 100 involving legalized discrimination, And only 30 involving anything else….

Pointed out by historian Roger Wilkins.


The Crisis In Ferguson

When Vice News starts posting live footage of riots in your own country and they look so similar to those in the middle east and Ukraine that your not sure at first where they where taken, you know our country has some problems. 409 more words

Ferguson Crisis

#McFactz: A sprinkle of #News..

Nas makes his way into the news this week! The Queens Bridge rapper had an interview and spoke on Hip Hop, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls. The MC goes on to say that the death of both rappers hit him really hard because he knew them both but knew Biggie a little more. 260 more words