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The Protocols of the Elders of Liberalism

WILLIAM KRISTOL,  The Weekly Standard

“Protocols.” You can’t turn on your TV without hearing about them. 581 more words



October 19, 2014

Contrary to all of the Center for Disease Control’s assurances early in this month, it appears that most general hospitals in this country have no specialized equipment or protocol in place for the admission of a patient with symptoms of Ebola.   347 more words

Ohio Department of Health Updates Ebola Quarantine Protocols

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Following the news that a woman who visited Northeast Ohio tested positive for Ebola upon her return to Dallas, the Ohio Department of Health has stiffened its Ebola quarantine protocols. 109 more words


Raw Video: Ebola Patient Amber Vinson Arrives in Atlanta for Treatment

Miss Vinson is apparently walking. I believe she’s the one wearing the yellow coat. She’s been moved to Atlanta to be treated at Emory University Hospital, which has the strongest expertise in dealing with Ebola. 29 more words

A few observations about the Ebola issue

Obama echoed Frieden on Tuesday, saying that America’s sophisticated public health system and robust medical research abilities made it a long shot that Ebola could establish a foothold in the U.S.” 709 more words


'Competence!' Here's a sneak peek at the 'new CDC Ebola protocols' [photo]

So, it’s official: When it comes to dealing with Ebola, the CDC really doesn’t seem to have a clue.

CDC now says maybe we need to re-examine Ebola protocols.

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Why schools are in trouble when the most honest conversations occur in parking lots

Parking lot conversations usually mean that people are not saying what they really think in meetings, which means the school community is deprived of their perspectives and experience. 172 more words

Dennis Sparks