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Nevermind the Data, Where are the Protocols?

Reproducibility of published research results is increasingly coming into question. Efforts from funding agencies and publishers are calling for more and more transparency around research data, but so far, little attention seems to have been paid to a crucial aspect of experimental reproducibility: publication of detailed methodologies. 1,213 more words


Computer Networks in Automobiles

Have you ever heard about in-vehicle computer networks? Well, in-vehicle computer networks is a computerised monitor that is used in modern automobiles now a days. This little device is designed to monitor a car’s engine, brakes, transmission, camera and so on. 88 more words


Pelvic Binding and Prehosptial Traction Splinting, Results of a Survey

Ove the past few months I’ve been running a Poll via word press and eventually a more comprehensive survey on the use of Prehospital Pevic Binders and Traction splints… 495 more words



Working on SPI is comparatively easier than other protocols like USART, I2C etc. In this article I have tried to simplify it further. Especially it will be helpful to those who have just stepped into the giant world of EMBEDDED SYSTEMS. 837 more words


PCR on Extracted Fish DNA

Samples extracted DNA was PCR’d.

PCR tubes are as follows:
1) LM02H
2) LM03H
3) LM04H
4) LM05H
5) LM06H
6) LM07H
7) BW02H
8) BW03H… 149 more words


NYU Langone Medical Center - Why Treatments Can Appear Effective Even When They Are Not

NYU Langone Medical Center.

Observer Bias

First, researchers tend to observe what they expect to observe, a confounding factor known as observer bias. One placebo-controlled study evaluated a new treatment for multiple sclerosis.  1,100 more words

Blaise Campaore, Why add a tummy upset to our excruciating Ebola toothache?

“Shall the will of the people prevail at least for once in Burkina Faso? This was my first tweet when news broke of a protest in Burkina Faso over attempts by then President Blaise Campaore to amend article 37 the country’s constitution in order to entrench himself in power; and as I heard later from a Burkinabe friend, Blaise could have perpetuated himself in power for the next 15years in addition to his already 27 years. 981 more words