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HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is a structured text that uses logical links (hyper links) between nodes containing text.  A node is anything that has an IP Address.  74 more words



Protocols is how computer systems communicate with eachother. It’s like a translator that works when two people are communicating with each-other


Free Privacy & Fraud Protection Protocols

In keeping with the Registrar 101 theme of this blog, I thought I would share some office procedures and protocols with you. Sometimes it is useful to have a window into how someone else does things. 414 more words


Our growth so far...

LiveWello has grown so much lately and we’ll always be grateful and humbled by that. We ventured into the exciting world of Genetics, Personalized Medicine and the promise that Epigenetics holds. 472 more words

Chapter Five ends and Vernon snatches a couple of croissants from the jaws of defeat...

Section 110 gets away with some French Pastries

The Head stood up abruptly and looked out onto the lawn. “It looks bright out there, a fine day I think.” Whilst the Head was busy forecasting, Vernon quickly put the rest of the croissant, and another, into his jacket pocket. 83 more words

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Objective-C allows you to define protocols, which declare the methods expected to be used for a particular situation.
Delegation is a design pattern which allows one class to take some responsibility from another in a way that decouples the code (very good, flexible thing). 523 more words

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