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Why do things have to be so hard?

The last few weeks have just been a big fat blur… so much has happened and now, it is just a few hours before departure. 1,493 more words

2014-04-14 The Large Hadron Collide found a new particle

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Not content with perhaps the biggest scientific discovery of the decade, scientists at the Large Hadron Collide continue to search for… 91 more words


Charge Chuckles

Two sodium atoms are walking along when one of them suddenly drops to the ground and starts feeling around frantically.

Sodium atom 2: What’s wrong?

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MicroWaves... Cancer for Convenience?

It’s a bit controversial, but you should know that using a microwave oven could be damaging your health. Swiss scientist Hans Hertel did independent research on microwave cooking that was once banned from publication by a court gag order demanded by an industry association. 540 more words


Physical Chemistry Lesson of the Day - Effective Nuclear Charge

Much of chemistry concerns the interactions of the outermost electrons between different chemical species, whether they are atoms or molecules.  The properties of these outermost electrons depends in large part to the charge that the… 93 more words


Bengaluru Marathon Inaugural Run - 16th March 2014

Bangalore has been long known as The Garden City. For those that are not aware, Bangalore is located at a height of over 3,000 feet above sea level and boasts of pleasant weather right through the year. 771 more words

How to Make Protons Collide

In the wake of July 4th, 2012, the day the Higgs boson was discovered, I’ve been doing some bragging on behalf of particle physicists everywhere. They’ve done it! 632 more words