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Meet the Team [Final Prototype]

Meet the Team

A couple weeks ago we introduced our first working prototype featuring Rapids #12 John Berner. http://coloradorapidsar.wordpress.com/2014/04/05/a-working-prototype/

This week we have finalized and finished our three prototypes for this “Meet the Team” concept. 471 more words

Group project 2 : story telling blanket :)

Group project 2

Group members: Mariona and myself

This project consisted of a random brainstorm session.  We decided to work on a story telling blanket. Our first job was to make a list of the materials we would require. 232 more words


Group project 1

Project playing with LED’s !

Post the basics of electronics workshop one of our first group projects was to create something of free form. Our group consisting of four members, Mariona, Sidhant, Kshitij and myself decided to make light sensor LED using an LDR (light dependent resistor). 99 more words


week 6

Team was still deciding which app to do , This week was the judgement week , i had came up with a few new ideas one was a fashion based app which would import the weather and suggest stylish clothing to wear depending on the weather and temperature, there was a medical app which was a calendar but push to notifications , and then a gym app  which is competitive , christo decided the gym app had the best abilities so we decided to go with the gym app which i wasn’t too pleased about which i wasn’t really happy it won considering it only won through christo deciding , any we decided do some sketches up of the each of a our different areas i was give the skills and high-scores to work on   , all the team decided i shouldn’t go ahead with working  on the high fidelity sketches aka using an illustrator i was a bit confused by this seeing as we had to present something next week oh well we will see what happens.

Rough prototyping

On the third session of ideation we were asked to do rough prototyping of the concept using available materials in college. I immediately had to think of something I can inflate and an instrument to inflate. 110 more words


The Gathering of Friends game convention 2014 - Part #2!

Picking up from where I left off yesterday..

Coconuts: This is a published game, recently Kickstarted. Set up your cups, and catapult some tiny rubber coconuts at them in hopes of getting it in, and capturing that cup. 1,022 more words