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Daily Overviews Idea

I just had an idea.  Everyday I’m going to record what I’ve eaten/drank that day and whatever physical activity I did, along with anything I was proud of myself for that day and than every night express it on here, in hopes to start heading in the right direction with my life. 36 more words

The Mountains and Valleys of Service

Now that I have been in Lesotho for more than a year I have thought a lot about what I’ve accomplished and what goals I’ll have for the remainder of my time here. 1,191 more words

“Be Proud of Yourself”

“Be Proud of Yourself”

Antony said that to me just moments before I joined my fellow graduates-to-be. I think he said that because he knew that somehow I felt like I didn’t deserve to wear the cap and gown that symbolises my new status as a graduate. 556 more words

Bridge of self

To take the step
moving forward
one foot after another
the bridge seems so long
from one point to another
as the fear of falling… 181 more words


simply stated--you are an idiot

This descriptive sign is proudly displayed for all to see without shame or embarrassment by those affected by its reality—period. Such pride associated with idiocy is the result of indoctrination, a false sense of importance, and intensified stupidity belonging to the sad representatives of liberal ideology and its lethal counterpart—your president. 154 more words


Currently Thinking About…

I might think about Vegas a little too much, but it’s been over a year since I’ve been and I’m aching to go! 134 more words

25 Things People Mistakenly Say to Yoopers

If you spend as much time on Facebook as I do, you’ve probably noticed the recent explosion of articles that list a random number of quirky factoids that are completely irrelavent to real life. 1,191 more words

Upper Peninsula

Mandy Elizabeth reblogged this on Forever Yooper and commented:

Many of my Facebook friends have been posting this in the last week. As a Yooper myself, I appreciate this post. It's totally true. On a side note, I decided to change the name of my blog. I've been thinking a lot about how much I love this homeland after moving to a new area in the U.P. I'll always be a Yooper even if I someday decide to leave here. So, that's why I changed it to Forever Yooper. That's what I am and it's what I'm proud to be.