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The lighter side of me

When I started my second year of university, I told myself that I would not be the lazy person that I was in first year. In First Year, I ate cafeteria food every day because I had a meal plan card, and I barely went to the gym until second semester. 949 more words


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My boyfriend and I both blog (I know cute right) and I am honestly incredibly proud of him for accomplishing so many goals this year. So here's his blog for you to check out and here is his post all about going to gym and improving his confidence and health which is something that is really important to him and I because we both like to live actively. I'm super proud of him!

To the Meanest Cousin in the World: Thank You

In everyone’s life, there are people who serve no purpose other than to bring them down.  Those people, for however brief a role they play, can have lasting affects.   1,873 more words

Bunny Pants and Bunny Ears

Walking in college class this morning and seeing another woman (college student) in bunny pants, and a pair of bunny ears was not what I was expecting. 101 more words


You are not.

It’s ok.
It’s ok to be angry.
It’s ok to be sad.
It’s ok to be anxious.

Most importantly,
It’s ok to be you.

You might not have found out who you are yet, but you will. 78 more words


Meet the Clan

I’ve decided it is time for you to meet the bunch. Here are my lovely children whom I’m very proud of. For the sake of protecting their identities (you can never be too careful nowadays), I’m going to refer to them with alternate names from now on. 160 more words


Did You Bring Your GRIT?? WE DID!!

First, a moment of cute that happened last weekend:

Ok, so back to that GRIT question…

We are now smack-dab in the midst of state testing, so GRIT, stamina and focus are essential this week!  161 more words