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IronmanUK 2014 - Mission Accomplished!

Hi everyone,

I’m proud to say that I managed to complete the Ironman course in Bolton in 14 hours 1 minute. You can see my split times here: … 1,111 more words

We are not Perfect and We are Proud!!!

You are not perfect

Be glad about it

Because perfect is boring

We are humans not machines

So what you are fat

                             God has blessed you… 55 more words

By Daddy's Little Girl


Death to the girl at work who cooked bacon in the microwave filling the office with its aroma. Good news is, I’m staying strong on my second “deep” cleanse day!! 184 more words


For the love of everything you are, remove "aspiring writer" from your lexicon

Listen. You either are a writer or you’re not.

Do you put pen to paper? Do you type 50, 500, 5,000 words a day? Do you tell stories through words? 177 more words

Oh NO!

Owkay, i do realize that it’s been a really long time since i’ve been blogging… So i’ll give you an update on how i’ve been doing the past couple of weeks (i think it’s been three weeks… :s) 299 more words


As time moves forward every second of every day something is changing.
So much happens around us even if we don’t notice.
The world is slowly adapting around us, people are growing, we are learning lessons, we are seeing new things. 276 more words


I am an ironman

While fresh in my mind a few memories from IMUK although the day went so quickly.
Met Andy Holgate (its all his fault we are doing this !) in T1….the sheer excitement at the swim start….the national anthem as we floated in the water…the noise of the crowd at the Aussie exit, we could still hear them while I still swimming 200 metres out…….the kick to my ribs and promptly throwing up my breakfast in the water, apologies to those behind me in the swim ! 386 more words