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And I'm Freeeee, Free Standing

These babies know what they have to do. They want to be upright, walking. If you set them down on the ground they immediately pull themselves up to standing. 269 more words

Children's Ministry Nightmares

One of my favorite shows right now is Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares…in fact…I may be slaughtered for this…but I love anything Gordon Ramsey! On my last two vacations I have visited Las Vegas and eaten at two of Gordon’s restaurants there…the Pub & Grill and Steak. 336 more words


Marceline the Standing Baby!

My daughter just pulled herself up against something for the first time!!! There is nothing like the pride you feel when your child accomplishes something like that. 6 more words

Birthday Challenge with a Side of Hypothermia

It was the most wonderful day of the year for me and everyone that knows me, my birthday! It was also the day that I tack on another aspect of being an insane (cause they all must be) runner, the birthday challenge. 723 more words


#National #Thai #Language #Day #Gen #Prayuth

BANGKOK, July 29 — On the occasion of the National Thai Language Day today, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, chief of the Army and the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), said in his speech marking the day that all Thai people should value and protect the Thai language which showed the identity and development of the nation. 197 more words


Getting Confidence Without Having to Teach Seven Kids

Hello, dear reader!  How’s your Tuesday so far?  Surprisingly amusing, I hope.

Today I’d like to talk to you about confidence.  All sorts of things can knock our self-esteem sideways, and sometimes we might not realise how much of our oomph we’ve lost until it feels too late to do anything about it.   620 more words


"Crap, I'm an Adult."

Recently I was talking to my niece, who is in her late twenties, the mother of two boys, and is working on her Bachelor’s degree. I was telling her how nicely I thought she had turned out, and that not that many years ago she really had me worried. 234 more words