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Daily Devotional - 4/11/14 "Enjoy this Friday!"

It’s Friday so stop fumbling with foolishness and have some fun. Yea, I know you may have some stress about everything but forget about it (for a few hours) and have some fun. 273 more words

Daily Devotional

Want to Save Money on Healthcare - Try Humor!

Doctor’s visits and medicines can consume a great deal of your time and expenditures – especially if you don’t have medical insurance.

Preventing disease is not always possible, but some physicians truly believe laughter is good medicine. 293 more words

Bare to the bone

So this is how you are greeted when you walk in our front door right now. A long story of how this has occurred in March. 124 more words

Phase 2, Chemo #5

Had my fifth chemo session today. Could not get the second drug because my white count is too low…2.6. Should be >3 for me to get the second drug. 209 more words

Mid Week Giggles

Q: Who earns a living driving their customers away?
A: A taxi driver.

Q: What is black and white, white and black, black and white? 448 more words


Laughter - Medicine for the Soul



22 A happy heart is like good medicine, but a broken spirit drains your strength. Proverbs 17:22


If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”  … 238 more words

911 - What's your emergency?

The other day, my oldest daughter and I were practically rolling on the floor laughing!  She had one of those moments when she realized … gasp … that she is becoming more and more like her mom.  677 more words