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Midterms, Stomach Virus, Proverbs 3:5-6

This past week was midterm week at Yonsei.

It was also the week my body contracted a mysterious stomach virus that left me bedridden at times, unable to study with the effort required to achieve the Christ-glorifying results I endeavor toward. 612 more words


October 21, 2014

Dear J,

My day started just as any ordinary.
My afternoon turned 360 degrees wonderfully.
And I believe that my night would turn just as perfect. 17 more words


But "Why?"

Have you ever heard anyone say “You shouldn’t question God?” perhaps you yourself have uttered those very words, I know I have. You may be believing God for something to happen in your life; but when it doesn’t happen the way you envisioned it, doubt begins to set in and patience goes flying out the window. 802 more words

The Journey

Are You Prepared for the Future?

On a recent drive to the ranch we encountered heavy stop-and-go traffic before we realized a multi-car accident blocked several north and south bound lanes.  We worked our way passed the pile-up and traffic returned to normal speed on our south bound side.  330 more words

Trust God

My Calling

I certainly feel called into full time ministry, though God is still guiding and teaching me exactly what that will look like in my future. I also feel that one of my callings and purposes is simply to spread encouragement, joy, and laughter and to love those around me. 525 more words

Christian Ministry


Written by: Marcio Sierra Jr.

In 2011, I ran my first marathon, the Chicago Marathon.  It was an exhilarating race with thousands, over 40,000, of participants that created a human sea that continued for the entire 26.2 miles.  985 more words

Word Of Encouragement

31 Days - Day 5 - STUCK

Have you ever been stuck?  Are you feeling stuck right now – parked – not moving forward?  Do you feel like someone has hit the pause button?   454 more words