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YOU know that feeling when the battle has passed away yet the swords still lay ready for the re-awakening. The little tricks and plays the opposing side does to start a new one, the endless thoughts they hold of their victory and the ways they try to prove it…but the End knows all the answers, and the truth is they could never win. 115 more words

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Fluffy Iced Fingers

As you probably expect, I am a massive Great British Bake Off addict. I have been watching a few episodes of older seasons recently and in one of the technical challenges… 501 more words


Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - PlayStation 2

PS2 Sports Games | Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground – PlayStation 2

Immerse yourself in the most detailed skating environement ever with Tony Hawk: Proving Ground. In this game, no ground is sacred – skate on anything that holds still long enough, and sneak into spots only you can… – … 10 more words

Early Easter treat- Hot Cross Buns

Skill: Medium
Cost: Low
Time: 4+ hours
Equipment: Mixing bowl, sieve, baking tray


Pesto Stromboli Rolls

Pesto Stromboli rolls


I came back from university last weekend to find that both my sister and my dad have given up cakes and biscuits for Lent, which means no baking sweet things for a while, although I’m sure I still will! 351 more words

Studying from Provings: Characteristics of Remedies

“…So too with disease and medicines. A person familiar with the provings, will know of the characteristics of individual medicines.. He will know by its sphere of action, by its peculiar affinity to certain organs or types of action on the economy what medicines will produce certain symptoms ALWAYS in a peculiar manner to that drug, even if he has NEVER seen it in a location as is displayed before him in a case of disease.

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