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The Promise

“When I make a promise to you, it is never solely about arriving at that promise. It is always first about renewing your mind, making you whole, and building your faith.”

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The Lord Is My Shepherd: Why Jesus Leads

Why do you need Jesus to be your Shepherd? What dangerous path does He want to help you to avoid? Are you ready to lay down your burdens and let Jesus lead you? 155 more words


Praising God as I Waste Away

Yesterday, I took a walk with a friend, and as we walked we chatted.  We were lamenting about our physical health problems and how getting older brings about deterioration of our bodies.   519 more words

Being God's Kind Of Person

Faith and Provision

Matthew 15:29-39

v. 34 Jesus asked, “How much bread do you have?” They replied, “Seven loaves and a few small fish.”

The people are hungry and Jesus wants to feed them. 204 more words


Faithfulness In Little Things

There was a time in my life when I was soooo broke, I could not afford even toilet paper for myself and my family. There were days when I really hated the fact that I now live in Europe instead of Africa where a plantain leaf would have saved me alot of cash! 416 more words


Have You Placed Your Order? By Creflo Dollar

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord!

Amarylis : Here we learned to place an order. We put a demand to our needs as we come to the throne of Grace. 755 more words

twenty comes--and goes

Ah, the simple pleasures of life to include a fresh cup of coffee, and the liberal nemesis, the indulgence of nicotine delivery by those nasty cigarettes (the bane of their existence). 57 more words