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Staying Anonymous

If you have intentions on doing some Grey and/or Black hat type things. Or (like me) you are just really paranoid about being tracked while online, then anonymity should be one of your top concerns. 459 more words


How to point in code

In my previous post, I explored why deixis is helpful, how it shows up in our language, and how its use in source code is hampered by limitations in our current programming ecosystems. 1,629 more words

Development Process And People

Network location and proxy settings in OSX

Below is a short “how-to” on easily swap between your home and work network on OSX.


Proxies. What are they, why use them?

A proxy, in English, is an entity acting on behalf of another entity.  In computing, it’s pretty much the same thing.  The use of proxies in computing, however, can be benign, helpful, or harmful.   396 more words