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Duke Neukom's Secret Sauce

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

In my last post, I talked about the “secret sauce”, as I described it, in the Neukom et al. study “Inter-hemispheric temperature variability over the past millennium”. 3,628 more words


Splinters in Dendrochronological Analyses

By Audrey Cross

In dendrochronology, most analyses rely on a number of underlying assumptions. For wood that was used by humans, a tree might have been used immediately after it died, and it could be found at a site nearby where the tree had lived. 936 more words

Fecal proxies

By Dulcinea Groff

Feces of prehistoric organisms remaining in the sediment records harbor information that can lead to a picturesque reconstruction of an ecosystem from long ago.  1,144 more words

Neukom's Science By Proxy

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Over at Climate Audit, Steve McIntyre is engaged in the slow public defenestration of the latest multi-proxy extravapalooza, a gem of a paper yclept “Inter-hemispheric temperature variability over the past millennium” by Neukom et al, hereinafter Neukom2014. 2,061 more words

Bad Science

Attaching dates to lake sediment cores: precise dating using varves

By: Rob Brown

There are many proxies paleoecologists use to determine past environments and communities (insects, pollen, diatoms, packrat middens, tree rings, etc.), many of which have been discussed on this blog previously. 1,011 more words

Small but Mighty: Insects as Proxies

By Wayne Heideman

Insects have been on the Earth for a long time and their presence can affect their surrounding environment. It is important to look at insects in the past as they can provide us with insight on how they can act in the present and in the future. 1,216 more words

Why so many M&A lawyers are now proxy specialists

An article by Gowling Lafleur Henderson’s David Cohen in Financier Worldwide‘s January edition sheds interesting light on the deal-starved M&A market lawyers are facing. 231 more words

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