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HowTo: Allow Browsing in Squid for URLs with port numbers (i.e.: http://ugc-hemis.gov.bd:81/) in the Proxy Server


A system Administrator wants to allow URLS with Port Number. But adding the port number in the Firewall and Squid will not solve the problem of allowing the URLs with port number. 136 more words


Installing Tor to surf the internet Anonymously

Using TOR to Browse the Internet Anonymously.

So what’s it all about Alfie?

The Onion Network (TOR) is free software suite designed to secure your internet connection. 716 more words


How to Set Proxy Settings on linux Console / Terminal to get Internet Access

n Linux Like operating system ,  we have the variables  likehttp_proxy,ftp_proxy and https_proxy  through which we can access the Internet via proxy on linux console. 255 more words

Unix & Linux

CCProxy - Proxy Server Software for Windows

CCProxy is feature-rich proxy server software for Internet sharing and access controlling, support multiple Internet connections, easy to use and configure, help create your own proxy server in minutes. 247 more words

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ShopEzIT Explaining Proxy Server

Ah, the forgotten Proxy Server. Often not even being paid attention to, but the Proxy server, as any other server, has a very distinguish role. Yes, this role is not as fancy as database server, mail server or application server and yes, this role doesnt require complex software or high end hardware, but someone has to do the dirty job and this is our Proxy Server. 475 more words


Squid Server (Proxy)

Squid is a proxy server and web cache daemon. It has a wide variety of uses, from speeding up a web server by caching repeated requests; to caching web, DNS and other computer network lookups for a group of people sharing network resources; to aiding security by filtering traffic.

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